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Armed Teachers Update: Are We Safe Yet?

Reducing the availability of guns? Well now you're just talking nonsense, mister.

Briefly Lucid Pat Robertson Likes These Young Folks Marching For Gun Reform. Huh!

A shocking outbreak of decency on the right!
This must be the politest society in anime

Trump Announces Gun Plan To Do Absolutely Nothing About Guns (Except Ban Abortion, Probably)

Drug dealers won't be affected by a blue ribbon commission, but mass shooters certainly will.

Everything About This School Gun Story Is Sad And Horrible

Maybe just don't even read it.

Georgia Teacher Arrested In Gun Incident, More Armed Teachers Might Not Have Been Helpful

'Arm the teachers' not looking like the wisest strategy at the moment.

Donald Trump, Florida AG Pam Bondi To Be Your Personal Rambo At All America’s Schools

Amazing that two great people would have the same idea within hours of each other.

A Wonkette Pat On The Head For … Rick Scott’s Proposed Gun Reforms? Huh!

Rick Scott's plans start out fucking stupid, but then get pretty okay!

Florida School’s Armed Sheriff’s Deputy Didn’t Stop Shooter. Too Bad He Wasn’t A Math Teacher.

One of these days, an active shooting will turn out exactly like wingnuts say it should.

Donald Trump Wants Miss McGrory, Third Grade Teacher, Packing Like Rambo

Listening sessions usually work better when you actually listen.

Deleted Comments: Why Aren’t You Fighting The Devil Instead Of Mocking The Duggars?

Looks like we must have written words about the Duggars this week, which is always good for some astute contributions from the family's fans. Our story on the comically inept grifting/missionary attempts of Jill Duggar Dillard and her Mandatory...
Just another day at school

School Shooting Foiled By Unarmed Teen Using Words (Also Cops)

A possible shooting rampage at a rural Utah high school was foiled Monday when an alert student saw a 16-year-old with a gun in his waistband and reported it to the school's resource officer. The incident at Fremont High...

Deleted Comments Of The Day: Leave Vegans And Gun Fondlers Aloooone!

Let's see what's burbled up to the top of the ol' comments queue lately. Helpful tip: You may want to put a little Vick's under each nostril like in the autopsy scene in Silence of the Lambs. Ready? We're...

Missouri Training Teachers To Pack Guns; Everything To Be Just Fine Now

While some people are getting their knickers in a twist about guns and trying to limit the number of guns in circulation, the good people of Missouri are taking a more direct approach, getting guns into the hands of...

Ted Nugent: Get More Guns Into Schools So Sandy Hook Kids Won’t Have Died In Vain

NRA board member and bozo birthday boy Ted Nugent, who is still neither dead nor in jail, marked the one-year anniversary of the Newtown Massacre with a WND column blaming the shootings on "political correctness" and warning that unless...

Deleted Comments Of The Day: Stop Being Ugly And Vile

Golly, it's been a busy week for the ol' comments queue! Our first offering to the goddess Deletia is from the subject of one of our recent posts, Lee Stranahan of Ghost Breitbart's Home for Endless Rightwing Butthurt. Sad...

Hey, NRA, Here’s A Teacher With A Gun…Yay?

So here is one of those stories where the initial impression -- "Maybe-crazy teacher was toting around an AR-15 just like the one used in the Newtown massacre!" -- sounds like perfect Wonketfodder, and then you start looking at...