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  A Good Girl Without A Gun

School Shooting Foiled By Unarmed Teen Using Words (Also Cops)

Just another day at school
A possible shooting rampage at a rural Utah high school was foiled Monday when an alert student saw a 16-year-old with a gun in his waistband and reported it to the school’s resource officer. The incident at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah, was resolved by law enforcement, without any armed teachers or open-carrying civilians coming to the rescue, which we are given to understand is impossible, so the whole thing was probably just another false flag incident aimed at taking away Americans’ guns. Read more on School Shooting Foiled By Unarmed Teen Using Words (Also Cops)…
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Missouri Training Teachers To Pack Guns; Everything To Be Just Fine Now

While some people are getting their knickers in a twist about guns and trying to limit the number of guns in circulation, the good people of Missouri are taking a more direct approach, getting guns into the hands of classroom teachers where they belong. The Kansas City Star had a big Sunday profile on one training program for Armed Educators, which is turning mere teachers into the sharp-eyed killing machines that their districts’ parents need them to be. It looks pretty effective, especially if you’re the guy with the contract to run the training program. Read more on Missouri Training Teachers To Pack Guns; Everything To Be Just Fine Now…
  land of a thousand dunces

Ted Nugent: Get More Guns Into Schools So Sandy Hook Kids Won’t Have Died In Vain

NRA board member and bozo birthday boy Ted Nugent, who is still neither dead nor in jail, marked the one-year anniversary of the Newtown Massacre with a WND column blaming the shootings on “political correctness” and warning that unless we arm teachers, eliminate gun-free zones, and do something about mentally ill people — as individuals, of course, not through government — then the 26 dead at Sandy Hook Elementary will have “died for nothing.” Silly us, we thought the reason that we needed to do something about idiots with guns was that the victims of Sandy Hook already did die for nothing. They died because it’s ridiculously easy for idiots with Rambo fantasies to get their hands on killing machines with high-capacity magazines, and even if some kind of meaningful reform of gun laws were to come about (a pipe dream, we know), that would not retroactively make the deaths of 20 children and 6 staff mean anything. There’s no redeeming those murders, no happy symbolic transformation that can give a Ted Nugent a moral justification for shitting on those graves. Read more on Ted Nugent: Get More Guns Into Schools So Sandy Hook Kids Won’t Have Died In Vain…
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Deleted Comments Of The Day: Stop Being Ugly And Vile

Golly, it’s been a busy week for the ol’ comments queue! Our first offering to the goddess Deletia is from the subject of one of our recent posts, Lee Stranahan of Ghost Breitbart’s Home for Endless Rightwing Butthurt. Sad Lee haz a sad because we did not recognize that his post about Matthew Shepard’s murder was a brilliant analysis of the left’s perfidy: I know you think it’s hip to form an ugly, vile little snark mob. Really, it’s just ugly and vile. And since you can’t actually counter the facts in my piece, it’s all straw men and bafflement. Got it. Not impressed. It’s exactly why I ran screaming from left. [sic] He then went on to identify the particular facts that we had been ugly and vile about. (Ha-ha, we are joking you of course! He just thinks we’re ugly and vile, and a snark mob). Read more on Deleted Comments Of The Day: Stop Being Ugly And Vile…
  Again with the guns You People

Hey, NRA, Here’s A Teacher With A Gun…Yay?

So here is one of those stories where the initial impression — “Maybe-crazy teacher was toting around an AR-15 just like the one used in the Newtown massacre!” — sounds like perfect Wonketfodder, and then you start looking at it more and finally you kind of throw your hands up in the air and wish you’d gone back to re-reading Scud: The Disposable Assassin, where it’s clear who the bad guys are. In keeping with Wonkette Policy, we will not be making fun of possibly-mentally-ill high school teacher Steven Davis, “a beloved science and math teacher at Mount Anthony Union High School” in Bennington, Vermont. Davis surrendered a Bushmaster AR-15 semiautomatic rifle to police and was hospitalized for observation last week after neighbors spotted him carrying the weapon to his car; he also had posted several rambling, maybe-threatening videos to YouTube and his wife had taken their children from their home and gotten a protection order against him. Judges don’t grant those on a whim. So yes, scary guy, but also probably not in his right mind, at least at the time he was posting those videos (which have since been removed by YouTube). But also “beloved teacher” who was apparently well-liked and functional before whatever breakdown sent him around the bend, so Wayne LaPierre’s awesome idea for a national registry of mentally ill people would have done absolutely nothing when Davis bought that gun in 2009. (One of the few brightly lit zones of moral clarity here: Wayne LaPierre sucks ass.) Read more on Hey, NRA, Here’s A Teacher With A Gun…Yay?…
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Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee GOP Lawmakers Want More Guns In Schools; Utah 6th Grader Decides Not To Wait

Good news, everyone! We are having a national dialogue on guns! Unfortunately, it seems to be just about as coherent as our national dialogue on race. In Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, GOP lawmakers plan to introduce legislation that would arm public school teachers in those states. Meanwhile, in Utah, a sixth-grade boy brought a handgun to school because he was worried about being a victim of a Newtown-style shooting, then pointed it in the face of other students, threatening “to kill them if they told the teacher.” We at Wonkette urge the President to move forward on authorizing a Federal Department of Jesus Will You People Just Calm The Fuck Down Already, I Mean Really. Read more on Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee GOP Lawmakers Want More Guns In Schools; Utah 6th Grader Decides Not To Wait…