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Poor old fart Arlen Specter spent thirty years ambling around the Senate floor sneaking up on slow-moving colleagues and torturing them with sermons on political moderation, so we expressed a duly moderate skepticism when the Huffington Post promised us the “steamiest moments” from Specter’s new memoir, about politics. Because, since when do Supreme Court nomination […]

Arlen Specter, still talking, but for one last time: “The spectacular re-election of Senator Lisa Murkowski on a write-in vote in the Alaskan general election and the defeat of other Tea Party candidates in 2010 in general elections may show the way to counter right-wing extremists,” he said. “By bouncing back and winning, Senator Murkowski […]

Arlen Specter has an editorial in USA Today today (today) telling the world that he will vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. The world, of course, does not care. Arlen Specter holds no power over Supreme Court nominations anymore, but even if he did, the news media has finally stopped covering Supreme […]

Oh, Elena Kagan confirmation hearings, you finished before you could even really get started! Where were your memorable moments, your lunatic grandstanding, your insights into softball strategy? All we have is some outraged testimony from some military guys saying that at Harvard Law Kagan made them “use the back door by the garbage” (i.e., by […]

Ha ha, how’d that “White House investigation” go, Barack? Pretty good, we bet: “It has been suggested that the Administration may have offered Congressman Sestak the position of Secretary of the Navy in the hope that he would accept the offer and abandon a Senate candidacy. This is false.” Hooray! But what about the other […]

Did the White House offer Joe Sestak an administration job in exchange for dropping his Senate primary run against Arlen Specter? Very simple yes/no question, “Yes” for “Yes we did,” and “No” for “No we didn’t.” Easy? Guess not. Some reporter (New York Times?) just asked Barack Obama, in a very clear and simple question, […]

Richest member of Congress and vicious fraud-clown Rep. Darrell Issa has been going on for months about how he will investigate claims of the White House offering Joe Sestak an administration job — Secretary of the Navy? — to not run against Arlen Specter in this year’s primary. (Sestak very wisely turned this down, and […]

THAT'LL SHOW 'EM  10:03 am May 21, 2010

by Josh Fruhlinger

SOMEONE’S GOT SENIORITIS REAL BAD: Oh, hey, check out who was one of the two Senate Democrats who didn’t bother showing up for last night’s financial reform vote! HA HA VOTING ON THINGS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO GIVE A SHIT (and haven’t had their hearts broken by a fickle electorate, boo hoo). The other Dem […]

ALSO, UH, THAILAND IS HAVING A CIVIL WAR? EH, BORING: Here’s the BBC news front page from earlier this morning, as sent in by a sharp-eyed Wonkette reader. Those cheeky Brits did some kind of trans-Atlantic gender reassignment surgery on ol’ Arlen Specter! (When pressed, they will blame this on “volcanic ash.”) Would Pennsylvanians have […]

As a stunned America begins to prepare itself for an Arlen Specter-free future, we all must ask ourselves: What killed Arlen Specter? Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell knows! “‘The rain killed Arlen,’ Mr. Rendell said dejectedly. ‘Whatever chance he had went down with the rain.’” It is a well-known fact that old people shouldn’t go out […]

PHILADELPHIA PHMACKDOWN  10:26 pm May 18, 2010

by Jim Newell

SESTAK WINS: The AP has called it for Sestak, and now Arlen Specter’s political career is over. Shows him for switching sides and getting big Democratic legislation through! But whatever. Congratulations to Joe Sestak for “taking down the Establishment,” by just saying that Arlen Specter used to be a Republican, in response to everything. Oh […]

Well, this will go down in Liveblogging History as “the night we shouldn’t have bothered,” but what the hell, let’s wrap it up. This liveblog will continue until ALL THE VOTES ARE COUNTED, or when we go to bed, whichever comes first. Meanwhile: Is Lost Island all a hologram? Only Jim Newell knows for sure. […]

Will the Liberty Bell ring thrice for old Arlen Specter, who illegally became a Democrat last year but is still on the loose? Or will Joe Sestak smash Specter’s head in a Dutch Oven and then refuse to clean it? Will this liveblog be over by 9 o’clock so your editor can watch the second-to-last […]

Democratic polls close in Pennslyvania at 8 o’clock. The big question on MSNBC earlier today, from Andrea Mitchell, was can Arlen Specter even stay awake that late? A question of that nature, at least, to which Specter replied, “If you talk about Sestak being more vigorous, you must be smoking Dutch cleanser.” Can’t Specter just […]

Primary season is underway like hotcakes! Next week, the “very hyped” Democratic Senate primary race between Arlen Specter and Rep. Joe Sestak will reach its terrifying conclusion, and the old man appears to be on his way to a loss. It doesn’t help him now, either, that Sestak is going around yapping about how Specter […]