Fecal protoplasm Ken Cuccinnelli was on Crossfire yesterday because when you are a losing loser who just lost a governor’s race and has seen legislators and judges roll back bills and causes you championed, it is very important for America to keep hearing from you (see also Romney, Mitt). Normally yr Wonkette would just leave […]

Ben Shapiro, he’s this guy. He’s probably going to be the next Piers Morgan, according to Ben Shapiro. Here is what Ben Shapiro’s voice sounds like so you can see people would definitely flock to the CNN to hear Ben Shapiro talk, mostly people who feel they just don’t have enough blood shooting horizontally from […]

How To Be The Absolute Worst, by Pat Buchanan It’s easy to be terrible, but to be the absolute worst — that takes effort. So let me, Pat Buchanan, show you how it’s done. Step 1: take a really important issue that makes people emotional, and make up a disgraceful lie about it, like so: […]

We just can’t seem to escape rightwing freakouts about the Common Core educational standards, from concerns that Barack Obama is going to tell children that correct answers don’t matter at all in math to Victoria Jackson’s worries about how they will make children see tiny cartoon weenuses. Newest case: Arizona’s Senate Education Committee voted 6-3 […]

Jan Brewer may be back on her meds, but the Arizona Legislature is just as full of scum and villainy as ever. Thursday, the state’s hero lawmakers took a stand for the freedom to be a bigot, passing a law that would allow businesses to refuse service to customers whenever doing so might violate their […]

Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we take a wire brush to our open browser tabs and bring you the stories that are too stoopid to ignore, but not quite worth a full post on their own. We recommend washing it all down with a big swig of the reality-diluter […]

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s Most Publicized Sheriff. The Arizona hero undertook a very important program of mandatory love of country in the jail last November, playing the National Anthem every morning and “God Bless America” every night, and placing flags in every […]

Arizona’s Republican state Sen. Steve Yarbrough sure seems like a nice guy. He is freedom-fighting to protect poor, defenseless business owners from having to co-exist with the enemies of Traditional ValuesTM. He has introduced Senate Bill 1062, which would simply protect religious freedom and ban discrimination against anyone unless they are gay or a not-married […]

There are some Republicans who are dicks, sure, but who are not insane people. (This is why you will be saying hello to President Chris Christie three years and change from now. Yes yes, we know, now go and have yourselves your morning gin.) Until this year, Arizona Governatrix Jan Brewer had not been one […]

What is even worser than taxing the rain and by extension the heavens and G_d Himself? Taxing sunshine. Hahaha, we are just kidding, it is obviously not a problem to tax the sun because it is a proposal put forth by American heroes ALEC, and not by some dumb Dummycrat. Whassup, ALEC? You all done […]

We know how it goes, sometimes you get a little bogged down in your work: that movie review took forever to come together, you forgot that the Tumblr needed to be updated, you had to clean up a lot of pixelly edges when you added Derpy Hooves to yet another photo of a Republican. Things […]

The National Republican Congressional Committee has found itself a winning strategy: following President Obama’s careful, nuanced apology for fewer than 5% of people being unable to renew mostly-crappy insurance plans, the NRCC is sending grumpy press releases calling on Democratic representatives in red states to apologize for their shocking failure to join House Republicans 40-something […]

Some total fucking asshole armed his 12-year-old son with a semi-automatic pistol, and himself with what witnesses described as an assault rifle, for a fun and peaceful good will to men not at all threatening and shitbirdy trip to the Phoenix airport. Mr. Big Brave Manly Macho claimed he’d brought the guns because he was […]

Sternums up, everybody! Time to wrap up our visit to the mind of Great American Artist Of America Jon McNaughton, as revealed in his teen novel Knight of the Superstitions. It’s a stirring tale of a young Mary Sue named Josh Knight, who with the help of his guardian angel Nathaniel becomes adept at seeing […]

We’re going to take a short break from our American history textbooks for homeschoolers, because Alert Reader “Blanche” tipped us off to a self-published booklike object that we somehow missed when it splashed into the internet in late July: Great American Artist Jon McNaughton has written a novel that does for Teen Fiction what Christian […]