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Did you know that the first black chairman of the RNC was fired on Martin Luther King Day? We are not going to look it up, we are sure this chick Miranda was right about it, she seems like the kind of person who would be right about stuff. And even if Michael Steele, the […]

Pus-filled gluteal boil Donald Trump took to the Twittertubes today to comment on the comeliness of sweatshop-celebriporn-blog overseer Arianna Huffington. We thought he liked women with accents? After the whole entire Internet said, “Eew, Donald, SO RUDE!” Trump followed up with a promise of more drama to come: “Don’t think my statement on @ariannahuff was […]

If anyone even vaguely involved in online publishing (or as we call it here in the year 2012, “publishing”) tries to tell you that they don’t pay attention to what the Huffington Post is up to, they are filthy liars. For good or for ill, HuffPo has changed the way we report politics, news, pets, […]

There is literally nothing more important on Earth than America Online’s purchase of Arianna Huffington’s celebriporn blog. Nothing. This is why Canadian agents provocateurs are leaving comments on the NYT calling for insurrection. Insurrection! This particular Canadian (we hide his assumed name to protect ourselves from the tanks of oppression) wants HuffPo bloggers to quit […]

Sweet Jeebus, AOL has agreed to purchase popular liberal/Brangelina Internet destination “The Huffington Post” for $315 million! Why does AOL think this is a wise investment? And will Arianna Huffington’s citizen journalists continue to Win the Afternoon, with the hottest hot scoops (“D-List Celebrity Has Boobs” and “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Celebrities Who […]

After a long night of partying in Las Vegas with the CEO of Twitter (what?), Arianna Huffington boarded a plane to New York and then immediately began to play Angry Birds on her BlackBerry, which is not only rude but also against the law. (Arianna eventually turned off her dumb phone when asked nicely by […]

OVAL GETS THE SQUARE  10:03 am January 5, 2010

by Juli Weiner

“PERHAPS NO ROOM IN THE WHITE HOUSE IS MORE CLOSELY ASSOCIATED WITH THE PRESIDENCY.” – Arianna Huffington’s Internet Tendency is careful to hedge on its necessary contextualization of the Oval Office. [HuffPost]

What you are seeing here is Arianna Huffington, Stephen Baldwin, Jim Norton and—as required by law—Meghan McCain talk about crucial politics things with Jay Leno, who is apparently living out some nascent Bill Maher fantasy, what with the newsy roundtable. It is a disaster, especially the zeitgesity David Letterman part. Arianna talks about having affairs […]

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Madame regina St. Peggintonia Noonanshire of the Wall Street Journal banking pamphlet guest-hosted a special version of Mornington Joeington today, and one of the topics was the Death of Newspapers and Journalism. In this snippetington, she interrupts a polite conversation between Mika and […]

We’ll put this nicely since we don’t wish to become victims of Gawker-style HuffPo blogroll revenge: GIVE THE POOR DUO A CHANCE, FAIREST ARIANNA! She writes in this column of hers, “It’s a Nora Ephron romantic comedy. When Hillary Met Barack. Sleepless in Chappaqua. You’ve Got Fundraising Email. Two intensely driven politicians cross paths, each […]

GEORGE W. BUSH  5:42 pm May 5, 2008

by Jim Newell