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That is so weird, how when you vote against something that has a nearly 90 percent approval rating, all of a sudden no one likes you anymore! (Here is how hard it is to get 90 percent of the populace to agree on something, and our favorite statistic that we will still be using on […]

Here’s a Internet fun thing you can do, for certain limited definitions of fun, if you spend all your time on the Internet: subscribe to the New York Times RSS feeds and watch how their headlines change over time! So for instance this article started with “44 Percent of Americans Approve of Supreme Court in […]

Comic book supervillain film The Undefeated was released in theaters on Friday to exactly the amount of excitement visible on the faces of trapped subway car passengers standing next to someone who has just farted. Movie ratings site Rotten Tomatoes confirms this.  [Rotten Tomatoes]

President Obama may be doing his best to make the Democratic Party, home to the guy who oversaw the murder of the world’s number-one terrorist kingpin, seem effete again by refusing to release photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse because, like, eww! It’s covered in blood and stuff! Gross! Why do you guys even want […]

A new monthly Gallup poll has Congress’ approval rating at 31%, and hey, that’s not bad! Although the teevee kept saying that Obama and the Democrats had failed miserably during the stimulus debate while the Republicans found new life, the country “loves” Democrats now, and hates Republicans even more. NEED MORE ERIC CANTOR. [Gallup]

MIRACLES  12:52 pm February 3, 2009

People Not Sick Of Obama Yet

by Sara K. Smith

Two whole weeks into the new presidency, Americans have yet to fall out of love with Handsome Barry. Sixty-four percent of respondents to a Gallup/USA Today survey said they thought he was doing an OK job! That’s a high approval rating, but recall that back in early January, before he had to actually start “doing […]

GEORGE W. BUSH  3:03 pm October 4, 2007

by Alex Pareene

BUSH  11:58 am February 28, 2006

Majority of Americans Hate America

by Alex Pareene