anthony weiner

Is it just us, or has it been a long time since we had a really revolting sex scandal? What was the last one, Bob Filner? That was a “good” one. We are trying to remember before that but Big Dave Petraeus, Mark “Soul Mate” Sanford, and Mr. Wide Stance Bromance Larry Craig are all […]

We have a verdict in New York’s first revenge porn case, and it’s bad news for anyone who has ever been humiliated after sending erotic self-portraits to their “main ho,” “side piece,” or “significant other,” and wants to see that person convicted of a crime, in New York: A Manhattan judge ruled this week that […]

Here is video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s visit Sunday to the West Toronto Church of God, just doing what almost all white politicians are required to do at some point: dancing very badly in the presence of black people. Think Anthony Weiner, or maybe George W. Bush, even. It’s a white guy thing, and […]

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, people, you keep getting Blowvember all wrong. First, CBS tries to co-opt it by blowing every news story it reports on. And now the Secret Service is being super-creepy with the ladies, according to the Washington Post. It seems that this past spring, a Secret Service agent was trying […]

It looks as if beloved “comedian” and derp volcano Steve Crowder is not the only hacky jokester hitting the unemployment line this week. Yesterday a reporter for the latest casualty in Tina Brown’s long war against successful media properties broke the news that the White House has fired one Jofi Joseph for the crime of […]

Steve Lonegan (R). Known mostly for having an aide with very forward-thinking, sex-positive thoughts on ladies what got hot knockers, Lonegan is just some poor sad schmuck. And this is how he treats his wife when she tries to comfort him during his concession speech :( [Malware at Happy; Link blocked for now]

The New York Post, in its continuing quest to out-do its most obvious competition, has the scoop of all scoops from the Hillary ’16 killer campaign machine. Huma Abedin has got to get rid of that Weiner she’s been dragging around, or else get on up out of Hillary’s face. Because if there is one […]

While we are all very busy remembering to never forget, let us take just a moment for A Very Important Think Piece on Sydney Leather’s new boobs and their appearance at Anthony Weiner’s NYC mayoral concession speech. (He lost big time.) Cause oh yeah, she got some, and boy, they are not real and we […]

Today we brought you the spectacle of A+ human being would do business with human being again Anthony Weiner, and he was pioneering an exciting new electioneering technique of calling voters “jackasses” and screaming his head off at them. But oh! It turns out the jackass in question was indeed a jackass! He smoothly introduced […]

Happy Jewish New Year, everyone who is Jewish! Is 5774 going to rock or what? While your challah is baking in the oven (or you’re standing in line at the bakery because come on, who has time for that, and also that braiding is tricky business, right?), please enjoy Nice Jewish Boy Anthony Weiner aka […]

Here is video of Anthony “Indistinguishable from the margin of error” Weiner dancing badly on a float in Monday’s West Indian America Day Parade. It turns out that the song he’s dancing badly to is called “Bubo Red,” by Capleton, a dancehall ditty which shares with many other examples of the genre* a set of […]

Just because the Anthony Weiner story really needed to get sillier, the New York Post is reporting that Weiner’s campaign hired actors from a “rent-a-crowd” service to artificially swell the size of his crowds at events: Some of the gung-ho Weiner crowds, including at the Aug. 11 Dominican Day Parade in Manhattan, were really actors […]

We have an important announcement that, at least for today, we do not hate the New York Times quite as much as the last several weeks. We were wondering if the pills were starting to kick in, but then we remembered that we like it because there is NO THOMAS FRIEDMAN you guys, so no […]

Dear Anthony Weiner, Sorry to be rappin’ at ya in the form of an open letter, as those are kind of whatever, lame, but considering what could happen if you actually had our contact information, we will just keep this in a nice public place. We say that because you are gross. Now. Anthony. Baby. […]

Sydney Leathers has provided a rare emotional roller coaster for Your Wonket. First we were all :D Then we were like :( and then we were like :( but with tears which we do not know how to do with emoticons and now we are like fuck it, you go gurl get out of Indiana […]