Since Fox News does not (yet) have representation in the United States Senate, torture fan Liz Cheney announced Tuesday afternoon that she is willing to let the state of Wyoming elect her in 2014, especially now that she owns a house there and everything. We now find ourselves in the curious position of kind of half-heartedly […]

Jesse Taylor will liveblog speeches sometime around 9:00 tonight! See you then!

Good morning from your Wonkette editor since, oh, 2006. It has been an exciting (terrible?) six years, hasn’t it? There was old what’s his name, and Iraq, and the Great Recession, and then the sexy president with his singing and dancing all the time. And now your longtime editor will finally stop disappearing for months […]

Hello, humans. My name is Jim. I used to edit this stupid website for two or three years back when it was stupider, in The Roaring Twenties.

HOORAY! That is what your semi-managing editor has to say about this important news, from your beloved past-and-future Wonkette typing monster of Capitol Hill, Jim Newell: An Important Announcement Regarding Your Gawker Political Desk: Goodbye Tuesday greetings from the Gawker Political Desk! We have some news: This will be the last post for its main […]

Somehow, there is a Wonkette on the Tumblr. It is here. It is not quite this Wonkette. But, still, it is Wonkette. Mostly “funny pictures,” because what is Tumblr if not “funny pictures.” Go see it, if you dare! []

Do you know what’s happening, all over the Internet? Sites such as this one, your Wonkette, are taking part in a massive protest action against the SOPA/Protect IP bills, one of which is probably going to become The Law unless a whole lot of us raise hell today. Click the blacked-out “STOP CENSORSHIP” link at […]

Oh hello! Now that you’ve witnessed me talking about other “people” for a day, it’s time for me to introduce myself. I’m Liz and I live in the curious town of Berkeley, California, among other things a retirement community for people who consider New York work and California reclining in the sun without a care […]

Hello comrades. We have a mission for you, should you choose to click/accept it, etc. Wonkette Propaganda Industries & Co. is preparing a Digg-style story submission system to replace our current unwieldy and underutilized tips@wonkette mail list. What this means is simply that we would like to gauge interest in such a public forum where […]

Who is the latest casualty in Michelle Obama’s war against calories and fun? Prepare yourselves, because this one is a huge blow to this country’s Proud Obese and their important culture and lifestyle: the Darden Restaurant Corporation is what will now murder your children with mixed greens. You might not have heard of this Darden, […]

FAITHFUL READERS: Here is a quick note from your newest patriot/Wonkette contributor. Hello, you! I just spent the last four years as an expatriate journalist in Mexico, this popular beach colony whose most famous exports are the swine flu and Republican talking points about space aliens. No one told me to go to Mexico, but […]

Capping off perhaps the most exciting pre-campaign campaign since fictional candidate Tim Pawlenty’s campaign was accidentally announced on a website on a Sunday night, Mitt Romney today announced he was really doing that thing he has been doing non-stop since approximately 1996: running for president. The health-reform Mormon returned to his roots in liberal Massachusetts […]

Hello, friends! After nearly two years of writing weird stuff on the Internet, it’s time for “Intern Riley” to “cut and run.” Where are we going? Who knows! At any rate: Writing for Wonkette completely transformed our life, in a good way, we think. We remember when Ken Layne emailed us our WordPress Login Info, […]

Really. He wanted to get away from the crushing free-lance grind for a while, so he bought a ticket to Japan. And then, the day before he left for a fun vacation with Pokemon or whatever — Jack grew up with Pokemon, he says — the worst-ever earthquake/nuclear disaster hit Japan. But, it turns out, […]

Oh look, your editor is going to talk about “Ronald Reagan’s Legacy” on Mojo Nixon’s political talk show, Lyin’ Cocksuckers, today at 5 p.m. California time and 8 p.m. Eastern time. It’s Sirius 104 and XM 150, tonight! Says Sirius Radio: “About the Program: Mojo Nixon’s Political Talk Show Show: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm […]