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Daily Caller Fashion Police Cordially Invited To STFU About Barron Trump

Apparently it's offensive for Barron Trump to dress like an 11-year-old boy.

Donald Trump Pitches ‘Vanity Fair’ Exposé About His Enormous Fingers


Oh Nothing, Just Another Member Of The Bush Family Schmoozing For Hillary Clinton

It's Barbara Bush! The one who hangs out with Dakota Fanning, not the one who's old.

Daily Caller: Obama Might Appoint Some Jerk Lady As Ambassador Because He Loves Money

Yr. Wonkette was anxious - like, forgot the Zoloft at home before a family reunion anxious - over the prospect of a neutered Daily Caller without the hateful sage musings of wunderkind reporter Matthew Boyle. Would anyone bother reading...

Celebrities Destroying America, According to Television

According to the news today, the GOP hates celebrities, hates television, and hates words. St. Ronald Reagan would be so ashamed. The GOP doesn't like it when Obama uses celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker or Anna Wintour in his...