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Requiem For Wolf Blitzer’s Dignity



Gossip Roundup: Tiger in Your Tank


* Reliable Source: Who’s Anna Nicole Smith’s baby-daddy? Yes, it’s President’s Day Weekend… Which bits of Breach are real and which are made-up? Take a quiz… More juicy Woodrow Wilson gossip! [MOAR WORDS!

Gossip Roundup: Next Friday


* Heard on the Hill: Senate Foreign Relations staffers sends out an email about the President of Liberia. Email .sig is, naturally, a still from Friday with a hilarious and racially-insensitive quote beneath it… Phil Gingrey admitted to being ...

Gossip Roundup: Friends in High Places


* Washington Whispers: Kerry raises $250,000 for three Democratic candidates in 24 hours. . . Washington-based Al Jazeera news channel, which launches late this spring, finds “friends in the administration”. . . Anna Nicole Smith ...

Daily Briefing: Just a Moment


* Republicans are breaking with Bush over homeland security issues, once thought to be his chief selling point. Senior White House official: “We’ve got a period of time when the news that’s dominating the headlines is not good and some Republicans are going to feel ...