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Thanks to Wonkette fine arts operative “Kevin” for sending us this sneak peek of the official new McCain-Palin poster. It is an image for the New America. Don’t hope for Change — Photoshop it.

Time flies when you’re getting jabbered at by a lightly furred ballsack! Wolf Blitzer has apparently been hosting CNN’s Late Edition for ten wonderful years, and this Sunday America will get to enjoy two whole hours of decadent Blitzerian retrospectives. Relive Wolf’s proudest Journalistic Moments, after the jump.

MEDIA  12:36 pm February 26, 2007

Requiem For Wolf Blitzer’s Dignity

by Alex Pareene

GOSSIP   3:21 pm February 23, 2007

Gossip Roundup: Tubes, Tied

by Alex Pareene

GOSSIP   4:20 pm February 19, 2007

Gossip Roundup: Tiger in Your Tank

by Alex Pareene

GOSSIP   1:20 pm February 15, 2007

Gossip Roundup: Next Friday

by Alex Pareene

MITT ROMNEY  1:00 pm February 12, 2007

Gossip Roundup: Only the Lonely

by Alex Pareene

TOP  12:24 pm May 1, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith: One Merry Widow

by dlat