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Golden turd soundbite machine Ann Coulter has squeezed out another Important Opinion about history: The police were doing a great job when they were firing on those annoying Kent State protesters. Why is state power even there if not to kill protesters? Packs of “unruly” protesters are free target practice. In fact, while we’re at […]

We should all be doing cancer treatment! What a theater of idiots. Won’t somebody please find a way to make Ann Coulter popular again? This is just getting pathetic. Anyway, the more important question about radiation: How dit get dere? [YouTube]

The engrossing drama of Sarah Palin’s Twitter servant “favoriting” an Ann Coulter “retweet” of a “yfrog” photo of a church sign complaining that Jesus’ blood no-likey Obama is now over, as Palin has removed this thing from her account. Americans can now rest easy and get back to their daily lives. We will use Palin’s […]

Oh God, why did They have to do all the news yesterday and Tuesday? There’s nothing going on today. Okay, fine, we will post this thing that Sarah Palin’s Twitter account “favorited” last week. Everyone else who it was sent to is writing about this, right? And this way we won’t have to address all […]

When GOProud, the only American group catering to the feelings of wingnut butt goblins, announced that they were going to have a big “HomoCon” party this past weekend, the Internet said “whatever” and went back to fantasizing about Justin Bieber.  When it was announced that the expired entertainer known as “Ann Coulter” would be headlining, […]

Your Wonkette cannot possibly decipher Ann Coulter’s personal brand of insane screeching self-promotion with our poor command of the English language, but maybe master-interviewer Larry King can? Ha ha, of course not, it’s just going to be old Larry throwing Annie softballs like “Ann, where did those dirty HomCon fags touch you?” Luckily there is […]

Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter have surprised people lately, by seeming to be pretty tolerant of the gays. But don’t expect that tolerance to get past the Jesus fishes at the American Family Association! These teevee pundits have gone “AWOL in the culture war,” going from “sexually normal” soldiers for Christendom to veritable illegally gay […]

Did everybody hear about the big shame-party that the homosexual conservatives are throwing in New York City for Ann Coulter?  If this news missed you, worry not, for there likely will be tickets available until several weeks after the event. But let’s catch up.  This group is not kidding when they call themselves “GOProud” — […]

It’s a bit early in the day, but if you can stomach it here is a short clip featuring three (3) of our favorite charlatans: Ann Coulter, Geraldo Rivera, and Al Sharpton. Apparently Geraldo calls Coulter an “opportunist” toward the end of this thing, but we were distracted by our own speculation about what happened […]

Watching this weirdly edited video clip makes us feel like we just downed a coffee mug full of Liquid Vicodin, but perhaps you people will get something deeper, or maybe your heads will explode, just like poor Al Franken’s … or, Senator Al Franken’s head, right? [The Connecticut Forum]

WATER COOLER TOPICS!  4:31 pm March 10, 2009

by Jim Newell

LET’S JUST FUEL THIS MEGHAN MCCAIN/ANN COULTER FEUD FOR A FEW MORE MINUTES AND THEN KILL OURSELVES: Speaking of death, have you heard about this thing where Ann Coulter and Bill Maher are on a “debate tour” with Mark Halperin serving as moderator? Does one actually pay to attend this? In any event, Halperin asked […]

Sooooo it seems that Meghan McCain, famous for being a young blonde person with the last name “McCain,” is writing a regular Monday column for Tina Brown’s online Ponzi scheme La Bête Noire, which is just great, because we’ve been lacking a hilarious Monday dump of pageview-whoring ever since Bill Kristol was fired from the […]

Wow, this gal is a quick healer! Less than a month ago her jaw was wired shut, and here she is talking again. She says it’s good that newspapers are going bankrupt, because this is how competition works in the Free Market, and competition is good, because people want more choices rather than less, and […]

EDITORIAL ADVISORY  1:45 pm November 25, 2008

by Sara K. Smith

WHY WE WILL NOT BE WRITING ABOUT ANN COULTER: Because Ann-Coulter-bashing is a very tired sport, and all of your comments will either be dull or just objectionable. So now we will turn off the comments on this post and you can just go batshit on some other comment thread about ha ha, she is […]

YUCK  1:26 pm September 17, 2008

WTF? Ann Coulter Just Had A Baby!

by Ken Layne

Jesus christ why is everybody sending this terrible picture around? We don’t know the “back story” but it appears that Ann Coulter was just running out for a few cartons of cigarettes and amphetamines when she sort of stumbled on these steps somewhere and had her baby! The father is Sarah Palin’s baby. [Huffington Post]