Newsweek has moved beyond implied vegetable dick-sucking to weightier topics, like how Muslims are just REALLY FUCKING ANGRY ALL OF THEM. To kick off a masterful Ayaan Hirsi Ali column about Ayaan Hirsi Ali and how Ayaan Hirsi Ali did things, Newsweek decided to very, very carefully take a specific point about her experiences (with […]

After a convention in which literally every minority in the Republican Party gets to take the stage and chant about the things that “they” (read: the white people watching them) built, it’s time to reflect on how awesome it’s going to be when America is majority-minority and the GOP is ascendant. After all, Chuck Todd […]

Everybody panic! Some dude at looked at a bunch of funny gifs of a maybe-hurricane and decided it might hit Tampa (and your Editrix!) just in time for the RNC! Where will we shelter from the possible storm? Probably a titty bar. But far more important than whether or not we (by which we […]

Missouri is the Alamo/Gulf of Tonkin/Concord Bridge for Obamacare repeal. One of those things, whichever makes the most sense and makes Missouri sound the coolest. [RedState] Conservative legislators are not interested in providing free meals to malnourished children, because Jesus would have already made these children un-hungry if it was actually worth the effort. [Matt […]

Terrible seething venomous rage runs in the McCain family, it appears. Whereas a normal person sitting in a traffic jam would say, “man, this sucks,” John McCain’s brother Joe calls 911 to complain and then says “fuck you” to the operator who is confused about why he’s calling an emergency hotline about a common everyday […]

Well here is yet another tale of John McCain’s terrible anger and simmering rage and also his addiction to craps, a game of chance! Just three years ago, John McCain nearly assaulted a woman standing next to him at a craps table in Puerto Rico because she touched his arm. Nobody touches John McCain’s arms! […]

Why is Cindy McCain so angry all of the time? Can America afford to have a first lady who is such an angry angry harridan? What a terribly scary woman, with her angry rants! Ah well, at least she is not as terrifying as Michelle Obama, who has a classy hairdo and says classy things […]

Remember how Bob Dole used to be a pleasant old former politician who spent his retirement hawking little blue pills on the teevee? Well now he is very upset with Scott McClellan and let him know via the emails, which were invented several hundred years after Bob Dole first attained elective office. Quotations from his […]

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