Andrew Shirvell

Oh my God, you guys, those awful gays just refuse to stop bullying poor Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema just because he likes to repeat defamatory lies about gays, many of whom live in the magical far away place known as the “Flight Attendant Realm” where they have wild orgies, plot half the murders in […]

Lispy former Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, who is absolutely not gay, will have to pay $4.5 million in damages just because he stalked, harassed, and obsessively chronicled the private life of former University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong (Gay-Go Blue!). Naturally, he plans to appeal the verdict. Shirvell isn’t going to just […]

Brave American and very heterosexual hero Andrew Shirvell was really upset in 2010 because the University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong (himself a gay) was obviously trying to make Shirvell gay with his radical homosexual agenda. To counter Amstrong’s man-on-man voodoo, Shirvell devoted his entire adult life to following Armstrong around and chronicling […]

THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA LIVES! Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell has now been fired by Republican state Attorney General Mike Cox (the guy who previously defended this as an important First-Amendment right) for “harrassing” a college kid because he was in the student government and gay. Sorry, he was in the student government AND A […]

Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell’s campaign to stop University of Michigan students from having a student body president WHO IS GAY is apparently over, and now he has taken a leave of absence from his job. That’s too bad! Shirvell’s Facebook profile and blog are now down too. And he will face a disciplinary […]

Andrew Shirvell is Michigan’s assistant attorney general, a University of Michigan alum, and absolutely 100 percent heterosexual, according to his Facebook page, which lists one of his interests as “Finding the Right Lady” and includes a picture of him touching a human female! While he’s not busy assisting the real attorney general, he does normal, […]