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You guys! Peggy Noonan wrote a very, very persuasive column that plays a funny “trick” on the reader! See if you can guess where she is heading with this! Just guess! It is astonishing and cannot go unremarked that Mississippi’s Gov. Frank “Boo” Burnham, the conservative who won a 2011 landslide, gave an interview Friday […]

Sean Hannity has announced that he will be leaving his home state of New York forever because Gov. Andrew Cuomo said very mean things last week about how conservatives are simply not welcome in the state. Of course, Cuomo didn’t exactly say that, and Hannity will have to take a little time to pack, but […]

Tom Bauerle, an Amherst, New York, AM radio talker who has long opposed gun control, apparently became convinced that operatives from Gov. Andrew Cuomo were staking out his backyard, so he waved a loaded semiautomatic pistol at the nonexistent intruders. Police in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst took the gun away from him early last […]

Many of you were probably too hung over on Wednesday to remember that it was the day Bill de Blasio was inaugurated as mayor of New York City. It was a wonderful and festive day, though perhaps tinged with fear at what the city’s future in the grip of this mad Communist dictator may be. […]

When we first learned that Gov. Chris Christie was being accused of ordering the closure of two of Fort Lee, New Jersey’s access lanes to the George Washington Bridge because the town’s Democratic mayor had refused to endorse his re-election, we were like “Eh, maybe, seems far-fetched.” But then we kept reading.

Reince Priebus is deeply disappointed! He’s also concerned and disturbed! Is it because the GOP’s best chance at winning the presidency in 2016 is Hillary’s plane crashing into Biden’s train, then upon hearing the news Andrew Cuomo, Deval Patrick, Martin O’Malley, and Elizabeth Warren all choke on their organic free range tofurken and quinoa tenderloin? […]

Ha ha, guys, remember the summer of 2009, which was before the 2012 elections that made liberals so cocky and even before the 2010 elections that made conservatives so cocky? It was after the 2008 elections, which made liberals so cocky! Among other things that happened in ’08, the New York State Senate, which had […]

Hey, so after Arctic griftbull Sarah Palin was balls-out racist yesterday, saying Blackrack Obama was committing a “shuck and jive” against white people, she took to Facebook to pen a response to her awful critics. Well, not “pen,” someone else wrote it for her. Someone white. For the record, there was nothing remotely racist in my […]

Who is this mysterious man next to the guy with the shoe-polish face? No, it is not a “good Carl Paladino costume,” it is the man himself, doing what every candidate should do mere hours before his gubernatorial election: get drunk at the local bar and grope some young women in “sexy Mrs. Buttersworth” costumes. […]

America witnessed beautiful, unvarnished Democracy last night, and it was delicious. All seven mostly-insane New York gubernatorial candidates participated in a remarkably civil and friendly chitchat, and Carl Paladino didn’t even say anything vaguely racist — which is a miracle, Hallelujah et cetera. (Every time Paladino says something horrible, Satan has sex with an endangered […]

Carl Paladino held a town hall meeting with a bunch of Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg. Why was Carl in a room full of bearded hipster-Jews? Did he want to tell them his favorite watermelon jokes and then beat them all up? No, please don’t be ignorant. Carl was there to talk about the issues, and […]

Seems like only yesterday (because it was) when racist weirdo Carl Paladino was within six points of Andrew Cuomo in New York’s most embarrassing election of 2010, but a brave new poll just appeared today and now Paladino is safely down to 24% and Cuomo’s at 57%. How did Carl Paladino suddenly lose the love […]

In America in 2010, nobody gets married. Nobody! This is because like six years ago in one little despised U.S. state, dudes started marrying other dudes and chicks started marrying chicks, so everyone else was all like “Ew, what’s the point.” (Either that or there have been fundamental shifts in ideas about sexual propriety and […]

RACISM  12:44 pm April 6, 2009

by Jim Newell

DAVID PATERSON IS FINISHED: New York Gov. David Paterson, whose reign started about a year ago in that very auspicious first week when he admitted to cheating on his wife and doing coke all the time, is trailing New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo 61-18 (!) in a theoretical gubernatorial primary poll. In a theoretical […]

Remember how the derivatives people at AIG got big bonuses last week and everyone went nuts including the House which ran around trying to tax everything? Uhh: “Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo of New York announced late Monday afternoon that 9 of the top 10 bonus recipients at the American International Group had given back […]