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by Dan Weber I don’t care whether his family’s feelings are hurt or not. If they are, they can take comfort from the extraordinary piety, stupidity, and, generally speaking, the uniformity of coverage of the man’s death.  -Christopher Hitchens, on the legacy of Jerry Falwell, as quoted by Chris Faraone, author of I Killed Breitbart. […]

It’s been a few weeks since we talked about Gavin McInnes, the Vice founder who is really working hard to reach peak MRA douchebag. We haven’t been able to forget him because his Windsong stays on our mind and also too some of his fanboys hopped over to tell us they hoped we’d die. That […]

Mike Flynn, writing at Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s Maximum Security Facility for the Criminally Butt-Hurt, has discovered that there are establishments in Washington DC that are offering SOCIALISMS to furloughed government workers, in the form of a delicious cocktail or a pulled pork sandwich. Mike Flynn claims he has no problem with this, since even Mike […]

Ok wonkeroos, we need to talk about a serious subject that is threatening far too many of our most vulnerable citizens: bullying and abuse. While we like to snark and mock, we, as a country, should be doing everything we can to make our society a better safer place. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Season 5) knows […]

Did you know Oprah Winfrey “jumped into” the George Zimmerman trial, and she also has a movie coming out, and these two facts bond and twist together into a double helix of bad intent to make her the Greatest Race Hustler since the time Barack Obama was born in Kenya and dined alone, and also […]

So we thought we’d pretty much exhausted the available fun from Slate’s amusing little “make up a Carlos Danger name for yourself” toy, which is good for literally minutes of hilarity. And then in the Sekrit Chatcave, Editrix Rolando Menace called our attention to a tip from Wonkette Operative Miguel Ángel Catastrophe, and said “Hey, […]

We understand that Yr Wonkette got a mention in the Politico Web Log Publication. It’s always fun to see our names in the paper, and we were kind of jazzed that the piece mentioned Rachel Maddow’s little crush on us. (Hi, Rachel!) On the other hand, we were also sort of surprised that the Politico […]

Former halfterm Moose Queen Sarah Palin has some Thoughts, and she has left her dumb ol’ Myface page for the Big League Pixels of Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s Internet Home for Wayward Wig Addicts to bring em at ya! Her thoughts are on the IRS, and how people “live in fear of them.” Sure, we’ll bite! […]

There’s this guy, Chris Faraone. Thinks he killed Breitbart. Ate some acid with us one time in Charlotte. Worked at the lamented Boston Phoenix, writing about hip-hop and Occupy and Breitbart and James O’Keefe and eating acid with us. He would like some money please!

Remember that 1990s teevee show called The X Files, where that one good-looking cable soft-core star solved mysteries with that teensy skeptical ginger who always happened to look the other way when the crazy stuff happened, just like a pro-wrestling ref? And remember that man who smoked all the cigarettes and had all the big […]

Maxim has ranked all the ladies by their true value — hotness and/or notness — and Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s sniveling Igor, Ben Shapiro, is not pleased! Is he not pleased because of how it is degrading to judge God’s creatures by their boobies? Of course not, don’t be a fucking idiot! He is not pleased […]

Andrew Breitbart may still be dead, but his legacy of demanding attention by shrieking unintelligible noises like a syphilitic howler monkey with both legs caught in a thresher lives on. And what are Raggedy Dead Andy’s legions of feral Children of the Corn shrieking about today? Benghazi? Gosnell? Solyndra? Well yes, we’re pretty sure they […]

Today, Wonketeers, we light a yahrzeit candle for the late Andrew Breitbart. Hard to believe it was only one year ago today that the big lunk gallivanted off to that Great Wine Bar in the Sky, leaving his minions in a state of mourning from which they have yet to emerge. Yes, from the Virgin […]

As it turns out, the plot to overthrow John Boehner and replace him with someone who didn’t actually know they were up for Speaker of the House was larger than previously thought. The short version is that there were a lot more crazy GOP Representatives plotting to get rid of Boehner than just the ones who […]

Lest anyone think that the continued twitchings of the Breitbart Empire represent some sort of chant du cygne, the crew at Big Government want you to know that there’s a danse macabre in the old dame yet! That is to say, just as Dick Cheney continues to feed on the souls of the living, Ghost […]