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Sadly, AC360 has only put  5 minutes of last night’s Donald Sterling debacle online, which is a shame because Sterling let his racist freak flag fly, except that he’s not a racist because he says he’s not a racist, which is a magical shield against being racist. Also, he bashed Magic Johnson. Dude, you do […]

Here’s a surprise! Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was pretty happy to embrace Ted Nugent at a campaign appearance the other day, but now it’s almost as if he would rather poop in his own pants than talk to these CNN liberal media jerks about what a swell guy Ted Nugent is. What could have […]

In what may be the best — at least the weirdest — ripple effect of the Rob Ford strange-o-palooza, here are Anderson Cooper and Friend of Wonkette Dan Savage talking Thursday about the best news stories of 2013…until the conversation takes a turn for the disturbing. Or the awesome. We can’t decide. Cooper asked Savage […]

Alex Castellanos, the Cuban American GOP consultant, has correctly identified Ted Cruz’s problem: he can’t stop fucking animals. However! Alex Castellanos was incorrect when he claimed Ted Cruz was doing sex on poor defenseless bunnies. As we all know, Ted Cruz is fucking that chicken. [RawStory]

One of the Zimmerman trial’s fastest cases of instant celebrity has come and (we hope?) gone in the space of a single day, and “Juror B37″ can now return to her status as a nobody who never reads the news but knows it’s full of lies anyway. The anonymous juror seemed to be everywhere Monday, […]

UPDATE! Now with video stolen from Mediaite! CNN, after spending almost an hour getting more and more frenzied while trumpeting its scoop that law enforcement had identified a suspect and had either arrested that suspect or were on the verge of arresting that suspect, just had the terrible misfortune of having to retract its entire […]

We have already read about what made Los Angeles spree-killin’ cop Christopher Dorner go Django on the entire LAPD (and their families). It was LAPD racisms. So we know who (and what) he hates. But who does he love? Just about all your typical libtards, like Hillary Clinton and Larry David and Ellen Degeneres and […]

It has been a banner fucking year for the teh gheys. There was tons of election-winning, gay-marrying, company-wrecking, and general ruining of morals and common decency everywhere. Shockingly, we learned that a lesbian cabal runs the DHS, because when the revolution comes it will damn sure start with ‘mos taking over executive agencies. We watched […]

Well that was fast! The media has already, as Hamilton Nolan astutely predicted, turned on Greg Smith, the former Goldman Sachs analyst turned writer. You might remember Greg Smith from the scathing Op-Ed he wrote in the New York Times back in April, announcing his resignation from Goldman Sachs and revealing that their corporate culture […]

Does rubber-lipped diamond-humper Newt Gingrich think it is awesome for Mitt Romney to flat-out lie in his advertisement about Obama (not) dropping the welfare-to-work requirements in waivers to the states? Sure it is awesome. It’s a political ad, you can’t expect people to tell the truth when they only have 30 seconds! Did Newt Gingrich […]

CNN hurricane guy Anderson Cooper, whom a full 100% of the American population has witnessed making out with dudes at one point or another, has an announcement! “The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.” Being rich is nice, too. […]

Towleroad, having brought us the original “let’s round up the queers and put them behind an electric fence until they die,” follows up with this extraordinarily delightful video of Anderson Cooper — hmmmm! — explaining to this mean dumb cow about where gay babies come from, and also The Holocaust. She ain’t changin’ her mind, […]

Sarah Palin went on — or should we say, was transmitted through someone’s phone-toy in the direction of — CNN during Tuesday’s Super Snoozeday parade, and proclaimed that who knows whether she’ll run for president today, tomorrow, or after the Mayan apocalypse, but anything is possible because Americans can do anything they put their minds […]

Eliot Spitzer is unemployed again, because ratings on his terrible CNN solo talk show “In the Arena” have repeatedly indicated that America is not interested in watching Spitzer sex himself on teevee. What about if Eliot Spitzer pays America to watch? Would she do it then? No, gross, just please go away. We have never […]

According to the Anderson Cooper teevee show on Friday, Newt Gingrich has committed “discretions” in his past. This is a serious revelation! We, and Republican voters everywhere, demand CNN release evidence Newt Gingrich has ever exercised good judgment. EVEN IF IT HAPPENED ONCE, THAT SHOULD DISQUALIFY HIM FROM THE NOMINATION. [thanks to Wonkette operative "Benton" […]