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Please sue us Breitbart.

TrumpCare Victory Lap Hits Traffic. Your Wonkagenda For Fri., May 5, 2017

Trump and the GOP have a circle jerk, Sebastian Gorka is mad at fake news, and Fox News is in trouble! Your morning news brief!
Just a racist, his gun, his flag, and his spring planting project

White-Power Charleston Church Murderer Convicted, Wonder Where He Got ‘Self-Radicalized’?

Dylann Roof was a 'lone wolf' racist murderer, and he certainly didn't come from an online pack of like-minded rabid dogs.
Party like it's 1859

Michigan RNC Guy Posting Stormfront Stuff On His Facebook Basically, Why Not

Did you spend even one moment of New Year’s Eve wondering if old friend and RNC Committeeman Dave Agema was enjoying himself? Because while you were getting dressed in anticipation of being asphyxiated by glitter and vomiting champagne cocktails...

Another Racist Out At National Review Because It Is A Day Ending In ‘Y’ (VIDEO)

There is a thing called American Renaissance, and it is not very nice. And there is a man named Robert Weissberg who liked to go to their meetings and discuss "how Jews feel about the schwarzes" and "the future...