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We’ve known forever that creepy photographer Terry Richardson was maximum creepy, with gross allegations galore about creeping on young models. These were vague mutterings until a couple days ago, when two different models came forward. Some of the allegations aren’t of the “he made me feel sexualized” variety. They’re pretty ick-inducing. [Model Charlotte] Waters had […]

There are so many things to say about American Apparel’s menstruating-vagina tee. For instance! We can all laugh at our friend Doktor Zoom for not knowing what the “squigglies” on the labia and perineum were. (They are parameciums, Dok, obviously.) We can have a fine debate on whether American Apparel’s excellent labor and immigration stances […]

Ha ha, Reuters, you are dirty. You have crossed even Mark Sanford’s line. (Thank you “R T” for this foulness.) [Reuters]