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Federal Court: Funeral Home Has To Bury Transgender Discrimination Six Feet Under

Thankfully no one has to think about whether the funeral home is baking cakes.

Jeff Sessions Happier Than A Pig In Shit To Fuck The Gays For Trump And Jesus

We are so sorry, LGBT people. Also, women in general. Also, America.

Trump Cons Religious Idiots With Meaningless Executive Order, Completely Forgets To Fuck The Gays

Sorry, Christian wingnuts, but you got scammed.
We dunno.

Bigots Joining Together To Preemptively Discriminate Against Yucky Homosexuals

This time, it's an evangelical lady in Colorado who doesn't want to build websites for gross queer weddings.
Probably what this dude's cakes look like.

Colorado Supreme Court Tells Gay-Hatin’ Baker To Go Choke On Some Cake Batter

Dig a fresh grave, y'all, we gots another Christian martyr to bury: The Colorado Supreme Court will not hear the case of a cake shop owner who refused to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples. That means the appellate court ruling...

It’s ‘Bring Your Bible To School’ Day! Don’t Forget To Slaughter Some Midianites!

Oh, gosh, we almost forgot it's "Bring Your Bible to School" Day! Thursday marks the second annual event, apparently. The thing is being promoted by Focus on the Family and rightwing Christianist lawyer group the Alliance Defending Freedom, which is sort...
I thought Jesus saves

Baptists Find Neat Loophole To Fire Janitors Who Do Gay Stuff In The Butt

There's a certain kind of rightwing creativity that comes into play when government tries to make bigots not behave like complete bigots to everyone, like when cities all over Virginia just shut down their school systems rather than integrate,...
You're fired!

Law-Breaking DC ‘Pro-Lifers’ Will Keep Firing Whores, For Jesus

Here is a fun fact for you: "pro-lifers"? They are mostly assholes. Even the ones who don't try to murder doctors and bomb health clinics. In Washington DC, they're taking a brief intermission from crawling up your vagina with...

Washington Bigot Florist Will Frost Jesus’s Cakes In Heaven, No Gays Allowed

Just last week, Good Christian Bigot Barronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene's Flowers, Inc., received some bad news when a Washington Superior Court judge told her that no, her "relationship with Jesus" was not a good excuse for discriminating...

Idaho Christians Going To Jail For Standing Up To Homosexuals, Just Like Martin Luther King

Nobody could have seen this coming. The second Idaho got marriage equality, the crazed liberals who rule that state started oppressing supporters of traditional marriage right and left. Just look at this screaming headline from Tucker Carlson's Internet Rage-a-torium: "Idaho...

Wingnut Nurse Sues Family Planning Center For Not Giving Her Job Just Because She Says She Won’t Do Job

Let's play a game. It is sort of a choose-your-own-adventure make-believe game. Costumes optional. You are about to graduate from Thing-Doing School and apply for a job as a professional Thing-Doer, as one does after attending Thing-Doing School. You inform...

Anti-Gay Christian Lawyer Lady Spread Gospel, Teen Girl’s Legs With (Alleged) Cross-Border Child Porn

It has been at least a week since someone involved in an anti-gay Christian group was found with a hooker's penis in his bottom or (allegedly) diddling a child, and a week is five years in Blowvember-time. Luckily, Lisa...