ALEC is the American Legislative Exchange Council, a business-casual matchmaker service between corporate interests and sympathetic lawmakers. They operate mostly in state legislatures, where they have used “model legislation” to enact such beneficial statutes as Stand Your Ground and Block Your Ballot and, most recently, a tidy fee for the society-destroying radicals who capture sunshine on their own […]

Now, look, Ted Cruz, just because the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) wrote model “stand your ground” legislation that got adopted by a whole bunch of states , that doesn’t mean they want you going around reminding people of that, OK? On Thursday, Sen. Cruz (R-Poutine) gave a speech at the group’s winter meeting, and […]

What is even worser than taxing the rain and by extension the heavens and G_d Himself? Taxing sunshine. Hahaha, we are just kidding, it is obviously not a problem to tax the sun because it is a proposal put forth by American heroes ALEC, and not by some dumb Dummycrat. Whassup, ALEC? You all done […]

Nothing can improve your dining experience like having a sick waitstaff, except possibly knowing that the cook who prepared your food is also stricken with the flu. That also will improve your dining experience, because it will expose you to germs and build your resistance to them. Unless it gets you really sick, in which […]

Wonkers, help a sister mamacita communista out. ALEC — the patriots behind such pieces of legislative perfection as Stand Your Ground laws and ag-gag bills and anti-renewable-energy cool stuff — is meeting today at Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, and Commie Mom does not know what to put on her protest sign. And that […]

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, has been busy passing Stand Your Ground laws and unionbusting laws and putting children in prison laws. You know, your basic “common good.” But it also has a fun new “ag gag” bill it has been peddling around to all the states — like, even California? that is how […]

Excellent, now even the “neighborhood crazies” have learned the Get Out of Jail Free code word for Stand Your Ground: “I was in fear.” Unfortunately for “neighborhood crazy” Kenneth Roop, there was a witness who saw him gun down a door-to-door salesman who had knocked on the door, found no one home, and was walking […]

Round about a month ago, your Wonkette informed you of the stupid state law/clusterfuck that precluded the city of Tampa from restricting guns around the site of the Republican National Convention. “Stupid idiot,” snitted some jive-ass commenters, “why do you make a big deal out of this obviously the Secret Service won’t let any guns […]

Ooops. Yet another casualty of ALEC’s constant hard-on for making sure you can sodomize yourself with your semi-automatic weapon is Tampa, Florida’s effort to ban guns from the site of the GOP convention in August. NO NOT ALLOWED. DON’T TREAD ON ME, & CETERA.