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  but they will get a strongly worded letter
  • THEY’RE MORE LIKE ‘GUIDELINES’: Attorney General Michael Mukasey announced today that former Justice Department officials like Monica Goodling will not face prosecution for hiring D.O.J. staffers based explicitly on their political views — i.e. how many ...

Daily Briefing: Long Live Ethics


* Harry Reid stops the logjammin’ and passes “the toughest reform bill in the history” of the Senate (according to Harry Reid). The lobbyists’ lobbyist is sure it’ll just push bribing further underground, where a greased-up, shirtless ...

Thank God For 24-Hour News Networks


CNN: We go live now to a press conference, where Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is taking questions on the Moussaoui trial.

Gonzalez: I’m not going to comment on the Moussaoui trial.