alan greenspan

Gosh, we are such dumb liberals! We thought we knew all about capitalism, an economic system most of us have lived with our entire lives. We thought we knew all about private ownership, and free markets, and the commodification of labor, and investment, and consumption, and all that jazz! And we thought we knew about […]

Ayn Rand Nation: The Hidden Struggle for America’s Soul, by Gary Weiss, is a good read even if you are fully, horribly aware that Rand’s fevered visions of utopian feudalist capitalism are even now being advanced as mainstream “principled” conservative economic thinking. (This would be OK if “Another French Revolution!” was the mainstream left-liberal position.) […]

The transcripts for the Federal Reserve’s 2006 meetings were released this week, and with them comes the news that the people in charge thought that the housing crisis was pretty hilarious at the time, and that the biggest problem facing the economy was inflation. That is to say, that the economy was growing too damn […]

This is it — the penultimate edition of Ayn Rand’s graphic novel Chick Tract! Come and join Ayn in the objectivist climax of our story, there’s only one left after this one, baby!

After nine episodes of Ayn’s Adventures, you are probably so addicted to Mizz Rand’s animal magnetism that you couldn’t look away from this, our 10th episode, if you wanted to.

Ayn seems to have come full circle since our first installment. Like a snake eating its own tail, Ayn is locked in a never-ending struggle to end Socialism forever and also to forever choke on her own vomit.

Remember when Alan Greenspan was in charge of our economies, and everyone parsed his inscrutable utterances to determine whether interest rates were going up or down, or to try to figure out if some key but obscure economic indicator was headed in the right direction? Well, now that he doesn’t have a government job to […]

Ayn Rand’s Present Day Adventures continue in this, Episode V! In honor of this fifth weekiversary, we offer this very special chapter, which is pretty much just like all the previous episodes — but more contemporary.

The third installment of Wonkette’s Ayn Rand journalism comic is here! Vomit along with Ayn, by catching up with our first and second installments … only then will you be prepared for Chapter III.

It’s the second exciting installment of our new Graphic Novel Comix Adventure, Ayn Rand’s Adventures In Wonderland. (Last week’s episode is here in case you missed it because you were too busy “Goin’ Galt.”)

For the past seven million hours, conservative aggregateur Matt Drudge has been blaring the main headline, “OBAMA MOVES TOWARD ‘SWEDISH MODEL’ FOR BANKS,” replete with a sacrilege photo of the profane Swedish flag. The “Swedish Model” is “code” for the evil thing the Swedish government did in the early 1990s after a major real estate […]

Here’s heavy-petting Saxby Chambliss defending himself, on the Fox News, against a Jim Martin ad that quotes Chambliss saying he doesn’t even know what the term “recession” means. We’ll cut him some slack on that, because a new person is declaring a new version of the word everyday. But what’s notable is that Chambliss defends […]

So here are three major factors that contributed to our country’s world’s current financial misfortunes: prolonged periods of historically low interest rates (even negative real interest rates), the complete deregulation of such derivatives as credit default swaps, and encouragement from Washington that the inflated housing boom was nothing to worry about. It’s rare that you […]