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Time for us to check in once again on Rep. Alan Grayson (D-America’s Dingus) and his terrible divorce that we very reluctantly wrote about a few weeks back. We say “reluctantly” not because we are liberals who live up the ass of the establishment, but because we didn’t think Grayson’s “exculpatory” video was as exculpatory […]

Look, we are also VERY SAD when a prominent Dem does — or is accused of doing — something wrong, but we have to write about it, you know, we really do. And damn, we would really love it if the domestic violence accusation against Alan Grayson turned out to be nothing but overheated vapor […]

So here is one of those stories that you really hope turns out not to be true, but it doesn’t look good: Florida Democrat Alan Grayson has been accused by his wife of having a “history of physical violence,” and a judge has issued a temporary protective injunction against him following an incident Saturday in […]

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist would like to get that job back, please, and now that he is no longer a RINO and has gone Full Democrat, he is serious about sounding like it. Which is why he is accusing current Gov. Rick Voldemort of putting the Dark Mark on Florida’s Poors, by not expanding […]

We bet this will come as a huge surprise: In his traveling road show of “hearings” on the ACA rollout, Darrell Issa has hand-picked the people testifying, and has excluded people who want to speak in favor of the Affordable Care Act. In Gaston County, North Carolina, two women who requested to speak at the […]

When we woke up this morning, we felt a disturbing vibe that left us with a dread akin to the thought of motorboating Chris Christie’s moobs. We soon realized that this was not the fault of the sweet, god-fearing, kindhearted and ultra-loving GOP, but rather because we were drowning in a sea of hatred, spawned […]

Professional conservative victim Allen West took to Fox News yesterday to condemn the incredible insensitivity and unspeakable atrocity of a “despicable, demeaning, and disgusting” email by Florida congressman Alan Grayson that compared the Tea Party to the KKK. West, whose job is to condemn all liberals for mentioning racism until it’s time for him to […]

Mark Oxner, a Republican running for Congress in Florida’s brand new 27th district, which will include parts of Orlando, just released this ad, which he promises to be the first of many. It depicts President Obama as a pirate who enslaves children to row his ship to its demise over a waterfall. Former Florida Representative […]

Alan Grayson really wants to keep his House seat in Florida, which means he has a new ad out saying his opponent is a member of the Taliban. That’s fun! That is a fun way to disagree with your opponent on the issues! The Islamicists are coming to central Florida, and they are going to […]

Angelina Jolie recolonized The Congo so that Brangelina could adopt as many precious diamonds and African orphans as humanly possible. [The Daily Dish] On a similar note: Mike Huckabee just wants you to know that babies do not = puppies, these are two different things, and yeah the gays can sodomize as many adopted puppies […]

ALAN GRAYSON SURE IS NUTTY!  3:22 pm February 24, 2010

by Jim Newell

BLACKWATER SAVES ALAN GRAYSON FROM EVIL LAND: Last week, beloved rich smartass liberal Rep. Alan Grayson was chillin’ in Niger when, oh shit, a military coup went down and he almost got shot and killed. Thankfully a Blackwater or “Xe” subsidiary’s jet was there to fly him to safety. Can you spin this one yourself? […]

Watch Republican Congressman Steve LaTourette toss off sassy bon mots interspersed with his A-game impressions of Fran Drescher as an infant. Congress has a two-drink minimum for a reason, people. [via The Awl]

Wonkette operative “Jeff E.” sends this photo from outside his office in Fat Cat rich person land, 17th Street between K and I. We all know who’s behind that wheel. Will no one tell Alan Grayson to stop pulling these stunts?

Yesterday the websites were very upset with Alan Grayson for calling some some Bernanke staffer a “K Street Whore.” Because yeah yeah, he’s a loose cannon and it’s like soo crazy or whatever, but “whore”? Well apparently it’s a term that’s often “correctly” viewed as offensive to women, he… deadpans? “I offer my sincere apology. […]

Oh goodness, a month ago Alan Grayson called some lobbyist lady a “K Street whore” and now the Internet has gotten a hold of the secret whore tapes. This was a terribly inappropriate thing to say, and as you can imagine, absolutely nothing has ever pleased The POLITICO more.