Eleven years ago, the Supreme Court decided Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down laws saying you couldn’t put your peener in another adult man’s butthole. (At least, that was how Antonin Scalia characterized it in his “colorful” dissent!) Well time moves slowly in ol’ Alabammy, as it was just three days ago that an appeals […]

Remember when history’s greatest and most pervasive monsters, the New Black Panther Party, showed up with a whopping two dudes or so in Philly in 2008 and stood around intimidating little old white ladies by holding doors open for them and everyone over at The Daily Blaze Glenn Caller Beck Show whined all the whines […]

You guys all remember Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama Hero who was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court after refusing to comply with a U.S. Supreme Court order to remove a two-ton Ten Commandments monument that he’d installed at the court. That was back in 2003, don’t you feel old? And then he got reelected […]

This week, we’ll wrap up our rightwing Christian-school textbooks’ version of the 1960s as they actually happened — not the way the liberal media would have you believe — with a look at the Civil Rights movement, which is  pretty good timing considering this week’s 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. […]

Saturday’s “worldwide” march to preserve white people from getting genocided by diversity had a slightly disappointing turnout, though we hear that a bunch of people were talking about it on Twitter. RawStory was able to find all of two manifestations of the march’s huge success: 10 guys parading in Florence, Ohio, Kentucky, and several anonymous […]

Forget loaves and fishes — the House Education Committee in Alabama’s state legislature pushed through a school prayer bill last week on a voice vote, even though more committee members voted against it than for it. The bill would require teachers to spend up to 15 minutes during the first class of each school day […]

Hey, when we’re wrong, we’re wrong. And so it is that for the past 20 years (we were a VERY early adopter), when we asserted that gay marriage was awesome and anybody who had a problem with it was an unreconstructed bigot, and when we laughed — LAUGHED — at those who claimed gay marriage […]

Would you believe it’s the final Derp Roundup of 2013? This is where we bring you the virtual melon rinds and coffee grounds of stories that didn’t quite earn a full post of their own, but were too stoopid to ignore altogether. We find they go down a lot easier if you’re heavily anaesthetized — […]

The Duck Dynasty Crisis continues apace, and so we bring you a couple of updates (we could go to an all-Duck Dynasty format if we wanted to, but we respect you too much for that). First off, in the great state of Alabama, state Sen. Jerry Fielding announced Monday that he’ll introduce a resolution calling […]

Greetings from Wonkette’s brand new Bunker O’ Love, the underground safe room on our Idaho compound where we go to write about guns, gun accessories, and how they have made America great. Today, we have several tales of Great Americans using their guns for personal protection while keeping them in reserve to rise up against […]

Man, what is it with Republicans whining about not getting everything they want, up to and including a pony for their birthday and a tiara? It’s like the party has been taken over by a bunch of 4-year-olds who insist their tantrums be taken as serious arguments. Who are the latest group of pouty monkey-howlers? […]

Somehow, the end of the week brought us a flurry of stories that are all special wonderful snowflakes of stoopid, and while they’re all worthy of pointing and laughing at, we just can’t devote an entire post to each of them. After all, we have a full day of coddling radical Islam to get to! […]

Y’all hear of this cute li’l muffin who got shitcanned just for writing a blerg about how she is a terrible reporter (hates Oldz, steals mail, won’t wear a bra)? It was adorable! Well Shea Allen is not taking this unlawful (?) termination from some TV station somewhere lying down! She is all over the […]

A round of applause, please, for your newest nominee for Wonkette’s coveted Legislative Badass of the Year Award, Alabama state Sen. Vivian Davis Figures, who is refusing to apologize to the state GOP or anyone for saying last week that the Alabama Republican Party’s rise to dominance since 2008 is partly the result of racism. […]

(See update at end of post) You will be delighted to know that, today at least, the title “Alabama State Senator” is not going to be associated with yet another nomination for Wonkette’s coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award. Rather, it is going to be followed by a name, which is “Shadrack McGill,” and […]