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Mike Huckabee Just Figures Kim Jong Un Hates Black Ladies Same Way He Does

When it comes to comedy, Mike Huckabee is definitely a former governor of Arkansas.

Oh Go Fuck Yourself, Ivanka Trump

We could show you Scott Pruitt's face. But this is his true essence.

Team Of Evils: Trump’s EPA Pick Not So Big On ‘Protecting’ So-Called ‘Environment’

Do we really need an environment anyway?

Donald Trump And Al Gore Will Heroically Save World From Global Warming Sky Fires! Hooray!

lalala I can't hear you

Donald Trump Doesn’t Have To Concede. All He Has To Do Is Lose.

Donald Trump, according to everybody, challenged either a pillar or a cornerstone of American Democracy at Thursday's debate when he said he'd have to think over whether he'd agree that he lost if he loses. One way or the...

Rush Limbaugh Pretty Sure Liberals Can’t Wait For Hurricane Matthew To Kill Everybody

How can we keep our 'climate change' conspiracy going if big hurricanes don't murder everybody all the time?

Slate Pitch: Hillary Clinton Was Terrible In Last Night’s Debate, And JUST KIDDING!

Hillz whomped Trump in the first debate real good, yes she did!

Guy Who Taught GOP To Call Democrats ‘Sick Corrupt Liberal Traitors’ Very :( About Mean Election

Frank Luntz has had it with all this electoral 'poison.'
In 20 years, nobody will remember this.

Donald Trump Really Really Really Needs Money. Might There Be An Illegal Way To Get Some?

Well OF COURSE the Donald Trump is sending campaign fundraising emails to members of foreign parliaments. Europe is a very classy place, and if you want classy illegal donations, you go to the classiest foreign people.
Nope, can't come up with a joke about official portraits.

Will Tammy Duckworth’s Robot Feet Kick Mark Kirk Out Of The U.S. Senate?

Welcome to the second installment of our fun new weekly series on the 2016 Senate races. We have about as many weekends between now and November 8 as there are senatorial races, and so we're aiming to hit every...

Carly Fiorina’s Blue Dress Caked With Extramarital Jizz Too

Carly Fiorina is a terrible person. She's a pathological liar (see here and here and here and here and here, and be sure not to miss here); she is petty and mean; she is incapable of admitting error even though...
Yes it's a pony. But it could have been a pic of Lindsey Graham. Count your blessings.

Lindsey Graham Isn’t A Scientist, But He Thinks Scientists Know Stuff. He’s Doomed.

Loath though we are to ever say anything especially nice about Lindsey Graham, given his penchant for wanting to send Americans to bomb as many distant lands as possible, we have to give him an "attaboy" on his remarkably...

Deleted Comments Of The Week: The Holocaust Was A Hoax, Martial Law In Texas Is Real

Lots of lovely deleted comments for you this week, many of them in reply to our piece about David Cole, the Holocaust denier who's found an exciting new career denying climate change (he thinks climate scientists need to be...
Oh HAI impending doom.

Florida Sees, Hears, And Speaks No Climate Change. Also: Sinks Into The Sea

Perhaps you’ve heard that, thanks to and its associated rising sea levels, Miami is very soon likely going to underwater. Tampa, too. And you would think that, were you the governor of the state that includes those two...