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The other day, we brought you the most serious scandal of the 2014 midterms so far: the revelation that in 2012, Al Franken held two small traffic cones to his chest as if they were boobies. After the story was broken by Dead Breitbart’s Internet Home for Incoherent Outraged Babbling, it made its way to […]

BREAKING BREITBART SCOOP MUST CREDIT BREITBART! In 2012, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken was videotaped goofing around with a couple of small traffic cones. Charlie Spiering, a Very Concerned Horcrux of Breitbart, offers this analysis: Since his narrow election to the Senate in 2009, Sen. Al Franken has labored to create a new image for himself […]

Man, we love Exene Cervenka and X from way back. Like WAY back to “Johnny Hit And Run Paulene” back, so we are deeply sad and weirded out by the fact that Exene seems to have gone full-on conspiracy theorist on us when we weren’t looking. Say it ain’t so! Here’s a confusing and be-saddening […]

In a rare diplay of bipartisanship, members of the Minnesota congressional delegation came together Wednesday in the spirit of friendly competition (and knowing that not showing up would be noticed and talked about, which may be the far greater motivation for a Midwesterner) for Sen. Al Franken’s fourth annual hotdish cook-off. The press release says […]

Gather round, dearies, and take unto your hearts and brainstems the latest wisdom pearl from America’s Kundun, the preternaturally deep and soulful Bristol Palin. Once again, no need to click; here it is in its entirety! I came across this Scripture and wanted to pass it along. “The blessing of The Lord brings wealth, and […]

Gordon Klingenschmitt! We love this guy! He’s the demon-obsessed ex-Navy chaplain who is also too obsessed with the gays because — you guessed it — the gays are all chock full of demons. Now Klingenschmitt has reared his weird head again to warn us about how Senator Al Franken (D-Awesome) is going to pedophile up […]

Oh, Gateway Pundit… c’mon, guys, it’s time for you to just admit that you’re a wacky bunch of performance artists, isn’t it? Nobody can really be this stoopid, can they? Ah, but this is Mara Zebest, the Stupidest Guest Blogger on the Internet, who wrote an extended analysis of how Barack Obama was photo-shoopied into […]

Welcome to a Very Special Armistice Day Edition of Derp Roundup, our weekly accumulation of arglebargle that was too stoopid to ignore altogether, but not quite enough to do a full post on. Let’s ring in the Derp with this bit o’ conspiracy theorizin’: Mitt Romney mighta won the 2012 election if only that power-mad […]

Here’s some genuine Nice Time for your Thursday — George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush served as witnesses at the wedding of Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen on Saturday. The couple co-own a general store in Kennebunk, Maine. Thorgalsen posted the photo above on Facebook with the note “Getting our marriage license witnessed!” Sorry to […]

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Sharia) can actually sing and play a guitar pretty well, and here he serves up a helping of progressive hero Woody Guthrie in celebration of Minnesota’s brand-new marriage equality law, which went into effect at midnight. At Minneapolis City Hall, Mayor R.T. Rybak performed the first of 42 marriages of same-sex couples […]

Sure, everybody is all up in your grill today with fresh new news like the fact that the NSA is in your bedroom watching you RIGHT NOW or something, but here at Wonkette we also provide the valuable service of discussing completely obvious news because…well, because we really need to keep feeding you people new […]

Recently, there has been lots of Nice Time! for our LGBT sisters and brothers. But hey, this kind of momentum can’t go on forever, and who better to put a stop to it than the House GOP  Senate GOP  Democratic Senators from red blue states. Wait, what? Are you fucking kidding? Our latest group of […]

This Al Franken guy, you ever heard of him? Senator from Minnesota. Wrote some books, we think. Used to be on Saturday Night Live for a while, we guess. Not sure, is there anything else he is famous for, Weekly Standard (via, naturally, Drudge)?

How do you trick 61 U.S. Senators into hanging out for a few hours without an eruption of bloodshed? You promise them a mystery holiday treat! It works on children, so why not? A very mischievous Al Franken snuck in a new “Secret Santa clause” to the Senate’s bazillion page protocol in an effort to […]

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 10-8 today to advance a bill to repeal DOMA over Republican objections. Not just the usual “becuz Jesus no likey teh gheyz” objections, but for a novel new terrible reason: gay marriage will ruin Social Security! “No one has paid into the Social Security system expecting benefits to be paid […]