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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, GET THE FUCK OUT

We lost a great AG, and apparently A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING. Time's the fuck up, Eric Schneiderman.

Bush Ethics Guy Richard Painter Running For Senate As Democrat Just Why Exactly?

We have no idea why he's doing this.

Michele Bachmann Might Run For Franken’s Senate Seat … On A Mission FROM GOD!!

God previously told her to run for president.

NUTCRACKERS! Wonkagenda For Fri., Dec. 22, 2017

Congress averts a shutdown (for now), Miss America is full of assholes, and a special delivery for Papa John.

Everyone in Congress Is FREAKING OUT About Possible Rumored Sex Scandal Bombshell List

It's about to be all of Congress's time in the barrel.

Make ‘Duck & Cover’ Great Again. Wonkagenda For Mon., Dec. 18, 2017

A Fox lady gives Rupert Murdoch a FUCKING EARFUL, Republican tax fuckery hits another snag, and the GOP has record LOW RATINGS. Your morning news brief.

Deleted Comments: Hey, Did You Know Al Franken Is Jewish? Like, Really, REALLY Jewish!

Not only that, but Roy Moore, is surprisingly like Mick Jagger. We are not making that up.

Trump Officially Less Popular Than Ass Lice, And We Have Women To Thank!

SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of American women are pretty much ready for Donald Trump to fuck RIGHT off.

Al Franken Good Enough, Smart Enough, To Resign From The Senate

Nobody said this cultural shift was going to be comfortable. But it's the right path forward.

Was It Over When Trump Bombed Pearl Harbor? Wonkagenda For Thurs., Dec. 7, 2017

Trump gives crazy Christianists an X-mas present, Congress accidentally gave corporations a tax boo-boo, and the House passes closet gun humping bill. Your morning news brief.

We Actually Do Need To Talk About Witch Hunts

Wouldn't it be great if there weren't nuances and everyone could be Good or Evil and that was the end of it?

It’s Your Grateful Top Ten!

Come in and sit a spell!

Yes All Men

No part of this discussion will be comfortable, but it is overdue.

John Conyers, You Fucking Jerk

Another day, another gross story.

Goddamnit, Al Franken.

Well shit.