air force one

The Daily Caller proved conclusively this weekend that Barack and Michelle Obama are the most pampered, spoiled, wasteful Imperial President and First Lady ever in the history of America, mostly by throwing out a whole lot of big numbers and suggesting that they’re shocking. The headline, “The Obamas Have Spent Over $44,351,777.12 In Taxpayer Cash […]

This morning, Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki was on MSNBC (obviously, what with all the socialisms). Remarking how busy the campaign was, she said that she’d just gotten off the campaign and been able to shower for the first time in two days. …Wait for it…wait for it… The Washington Free Beacon decided to go […]

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post has done some heavy digging, you guys, and it has discovered that the President of the United States of America sometimes go to the biggest city in the nation! Like, he was there just last week, “talking” at “the United Nations” as if that is somehow an important thing that […]

In case you missed it, Mitt Romney picked Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) as his running mate. Here is how they did it: First, they notified Twitter. (Darrell Issa is convening a panel to investigate the national security leaks coming out of the Romney campaign.) Then they notified Paul Ryan maybe. This morning, Romney announced the […]

As we noted at the time, John Boehner’s plans for yesterday looked like this: cry about Gabrielle Giffords on the House floor for a couple of hours, then head over to get sloshed at an RNC cocktail party he was hosting that evening. Sure, it seemed a little silly at the time. But then there’s […]

Ben Quayle gets Air Force One ride to Arizona from “worst president in history.” Look who gets to go on the big-boy plane! There are few ways to bring more discomfort to the people of Arizona than forcing them to hug that wide-eyed toolbag. Ben Quayle is probably in the air right now, locating an […]

Michelle Antoinette and King Louis Hussein XIV held a ecstasy-rich dance party in petit-Versailles while the poor American people want only for bread and water. [Gateway Pundit] Adding to her numerous list of decadent crimes, the first lady also terrorized New York city personally, shouting “Let them eat cake!” from Air Force One. [HillBuzz] America’s […]

Doesn’t Barack Obama and his gang of Chicago Thugs know it’s “wrong” in the eyes of the American Jesus to laugh at shit on the computer, when there are people out of work?! This photo was taken on Obama’s magic private jet, “Air Force One” (what, he can’t take Southwest like everybody else?) during a […]

Alert UK journalist “Richard” sent us this Reuters pic, wondering what kind of movie Willie Mays and Robert Gibbs and the sleazy White House press pool enjoyed last night on the flight over to the MLB All-Star game. What do you people think?

Here’s your Wednesday Fun Foto of President Obama, working hard while Robert Gibbs fondles a play-toy and Reggie Love shows the crew his Egyptian pornography. [Official White House Photostream on Flickr]

Oh god this is too good: “The AP’s Christina Hoag reports that Brenda Lee, a reporter for the Georgia Informer, was dragged kicking and screaming from the press area near Air Force One at Los Angeles International airport (LAX) Thursday morning… KTLA reports that Lee is a self-proclaimed ‘Roman Catholic priestess.’ Lee claims she was […]

If you have ever wondered how much it costs to make 7 million New Yorkers all shit their pants at the same time, now you know: $300,000, which is actually kind of a bargain. According to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, that’s how much it cost to send a low-flying passenger jet on a little tour […]

Remember when Barack Obama made 9/11 happen again with one of his “backup” Air Force Ones, just so a few schmucks could get tourist snapshots of such famous New York sights as the Muslim president crashing into the Statue of Liberty? Well no one even told Michael Bloomberg, the mayoral sprite of New York City, […]

New York was TERRORIZED this morning by, guess who, Barack Obama and his Air Force One. People are still a little jumpy after that whole 9/11 thing, so when a huge passenger jet seemed to be headed for Lower Manhattan, and then for the Statue of Liberty, there was some freaking out. Why is Obama […]

Barack Obama’s Air Force One has successfully landed in England for the G-20 conference, where leaders from China, Russia, France, etc., are expected to be annoying. A tribe of local knickered hobbits swarmed the country airport and captured this disturbing footage. [YouTube]