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Angry Liberal Radio Lady Suspended For Using Cuss Words! About Politician Ladies!




Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow when Ronald Reagan (Junior) appears on Air America’s great new Saturday show about being atheists. [Fox News]

Gossip Roundup: Vote and Die

  • Heard on the Hill: Rick Santorum’s mailing out bootleg LIVESTRONG bracelets that say “Santorum”… “Actress Mary Tyler Moore is coming to Capitol Hill today to promote a new magazine published by the National Institutes of ...

Where America?


How low are Air America’s ratings in DC? So low “Arbitron couldn’t detect a measurable listenership for the station this time around.” But is there any truth to the rumor that Chris Matthews in a crowded restaurant actually gets more listeners than the typical Air ...

Dial Tone: Air America’s Evan Cohen Found


Remember last week? Our most important concerns were Cindy Sheehan, Bush’s approval rating and the MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF EVAN COHEN, co-founder of Air America and the nefarious principle in an elaborate scheme to defraud a children’s charity in the name of liberal radio ...

Inside the Bubble: Keeping Our PR People Informed


Liberals never were very good at managing their money: “The former director of Air America Radio received more than $800,000 in loans for himself and the radio network from the nonprofit organization while serving as its development director.” [MOAR WORDS!