affirmative action

You know what’s cool? Mob rule. Mob rule is the new hottness. Fuck state legislatures. Fuck the courts. Screw representative democracy. Just put your votes to the people, and if the people happen to decide that they do not really dig on the gays having rights or the blahs getting ahead in life, that’s totally […]

This week, we’ll wrap up our rightwing Christian-school textbooks’ version of the 1960s as they actually happened — not the way the liberal media would have you believe — with a look at the Civil Rights movement, which is  pretty good timing considering this week’s 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. […]

Antonin Scalia, the U.S. Supreme Court’s token white male, had a very important reminder for all you justice fans out there yesterday. During oral arguments in a Michigan affirmative action case, Scalia pointed out that “The 14th Amendment protects all races,” and not “only the blacks.” You see, this is why we have a Supreme […]

Did you spend your morning watching other people watching some people on twitter watching some people on liveblogs watching the Supreme Court? US TOO! Because of that, we have some super-nuanced really well-developed thoughts on the cases that came down today. HAHAHA we do not, because we are just writing this off-the-cuff through a haze […]

Did you read our story last week about a program to diversify Phoenix’s lifeguards at their majority-minority swimming pools? And did you worry that Jim Hoft and Judicial Watch, in responding to this program, were not being balls-out racist enough? Well good news, because Tucker Carlson is here to recalibrate the balance back toward HOLY […]

Today in your daily jesus please shut UP Jim Hoft: the Stupidest Man on the Internet links to some  argleybarglyboo from Judicial Watch about Phoenix’s goal of getting some African-American and Hispanic lifeguards at public pools that are, you know, used by African-American and Hispanic kids. That goal includes training up folks who may not […]

You likely remember David Mamet for writing a bunch of pretty good stuff that never quite got over the top to greatness, like Wag the Dog and State and Main. If not that, then you should know him for having sex with some lady to create Zosia Mamet, who plays Shoshanna on Girls. (Shoshanna is the […]

What are two things that are exactly the same? Are they “Arab witch-hunts” and “questions about Mitt Romney’s tax returns”? No. Those two things are not the same, as we proved with our persuasive logic yesterday. But here are two things that are exactly the same: “Mitt Romney opening his tax returns” and “Barack Obama […]

UC Berkeley College Republicans (newsflash: they have those!) want to make a serious point about how affirmative action is racist against white males, which they will accomplish by holding a bake sale that is racist against everyone else. Brilliant populism! The backdrop for this is a law proposed by California governor Jerry Brown that would […]

Today, a presidential candidate is making the rounds deploying “the race card.” Surely the Republican Party is up in arms about this, no? That Kenyan was a crook for doing such things in the last contest. Actually, the man doing this is Herman Cain, the only Republican candidate for the job at the moment, and […]

When is it okay for Republicans to oppose a Supreme Court nominee for, uh, apparently not being overly concerned about hiring minorities and women over equally qualified white male candidates? WHEN THE NOMINEE IS A DEMOCRAT COME ON KEEP UP. Somebody at RedState heard about somebody at the Duke Law Center on Law, Race and […]

Hmm, it seems like Lindsey Graham is pretty gay for Sonia Sotomayor, but he just doesn’t know how to say it! So strange, this questioning of Bush’s own failed Affirmative Action hire, Linda Chavez. She tries to run with the standard argument that okay, maybe SOMETIMES the Republicans may look at race as a factor […]

America’s worst writer, Richard Cohen, strings together the saddest tale of all today in his important Washington Post newspaper column. Overarching topic: the Supreme Court. Pertinent issue: Affirmative Action. Protagonist: hard-working white firefighter. Antagonist: Negro race. “Punished” victim: all white people. Unimportant litmus tests: abortions, “unions.” Only important litmus test: getting hard-working white firefighter’s job […]