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Generally, we are totally down with the educational efforts of Sesame Street because we are scumbag left-wing propaganda-perpetrating liberals who think that teaching kids that war kind of sucks and that gay people are OK is a thing worth teaching. Also, too, we are super into the fact that FLOTUS shows up on there all […]

After all those wonderful lies about the Great Depression, it will be nice to get back to something more like reality in our rightwing Christian textbooks for the Christian school/homeschooling market. And so, on with World War II — as we’ve noted, once these guys have an actual shooting war to look at, they tend […]

Wingnut’s wingnut Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., has pretty much had it with this “Barack Obama Birth Certificate” nonsense. That is just SO 2008-2013. Now he’s onto a fresh new thing: Hitler. Oh sure, you may scoff — Hitler died nearly 70 years ago, after all! But “Hitler Escaped” stories are the little black dress of […]

This is sad you guys. Some smug idiots in Dayton, Tennessee, put up a billboard about how Adolf Hitler loooooved gun control, loved it so much he wanted to get it pregnant with Gay Hitler (redundant!!!1!) babies, because gun control is how you kill all the Jews, everyone knows that, and they are like “up […]

Actual history information: some maybe-newly-discovered postwar interview notes with Adolf Hitler’s doctors have turned up that have led Ghost Breitbart and the Washington Examiner to the Perfectly Reasonable Conclusion that Adolf Hitler was an obviously fogget. Despite the excitable headlines in the these two fine media establishments, however, Hitler’s doctors didn’t say he was gay […]

Here is your weekly Thursday Fun Post About Hitler! What has Hitler done now? Well, according to Science, Hitler “craved cocaine and cars,” injected himself with young bull semen so he could have mad coked-out bull sex with Eva Braun, and farted up a storm, maybe in Eva Braun’s face, because he was hilarious and […]

The wonderful man we are dearly hoping becomes the GOP nominee for president has now joined the rest of the right-wing Internet in comparing President Barack Obama to Nazi Germany mastermind Adolf Hitler. CBS News reports: Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum flatly rejected suggestions that he likened President Obama to Adolf Hitler Sunday when he […]

If you could dig up German cutie Eva Braun and somehow make her alive again, like she was in the glamorous 1940s when she did blackface show tunes for boyfriend Adolf Hitler, then America might just have the one woman who could finally become president of America. Sorry Sarah, but you’re not sexy enough! Also, […]

It turns out that you people still eat photos of things that compare Obama to Hitler up, so Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, in an epic quest for his own pageviewz, has noted that his opponent Charles D. Baker had one of these photos on his Flickr. “HITLER gave good speeches and had his own symbol […]

Yesterday it was reported the North Iowa Tea Party pooled their Camel Cash together so they could let all of Mason City know that Obama is a socialist a la Hitler. But after all the libtard and British blogs posted pixx of this irrelevant thing in the middle of nowhere, the teabaggers called the billboard […]

Now why’d he do this: “Political observers across New York are asking today whether Erie County Executive Chris Collins has irreparably damaged his prospects for statewide office after he compared Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to Adolf Hitler and an Antichrist during a Saturday speech in Buffalo.” The best part is that Sheldon Silver is a […]

This is where we are with the Republican party right now: Barack Obama could appoint Ronald motherfucking Reagan and eight of his perfect clones to run the entire Supreme Court, and the right wing politicians and pundits would stand in firm opposition to this illegal Puerto Rican socialist community organizer Nazi faggot activist “Hollywood actor” […]

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Ron Paul Steals Hitler’s Crown

by Jim Newell