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Man has got to have a code.

Filipino Donald Trump OK With Being Called ‘Hitler,’ As Long As He Slaughters The Right People

The President of the Philippines seems determined to apply Godwin's Law to himself.

Omarosa Can’t Wait For Best Buddy Donald Trump To Become Next Hitler

If this isn't enough to make you vote against Trump, then nothing is.

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want To Admit Refugees Because He’s A Racist, Dammit, A RACIST!

Is Trump really concerned about protecting Americans? Hahahaha, you are funny!
Gosh, I'm a baaaaad boy!

Melania Trump Not Boning Hitler, She PROMISES

OK, Donald Trump isn't Hitler. But is he Stalin? Mussolini?

Hell Yeah, Jeb Bush Would Murder A Baby!

Jeb Bush is soooooo pro-life, he will defund women's healthcare because come on, how much do we really need to spend on vag checks for cancer, right? Jeb Bush is soooooo pro-life, he will use the power of Big Government...

Pat Robertson Swears Faith Healing Works For People Who Aren’t Pat Robertson

Didn't we just discuss a GRRR MAD SO ANGRY KILL IT WITH FIRE story about parents who let their children die because they believe -- huh, wrongly, oh well -- they can pray the life-threatening illnesses away? Yup, we sure...
Empty-headed fool.

Ben Carson Sorta Sorry For Saying Jews Holocausted Themselves, Can He Be President Now?

It appears that someone suggested Dr. Ben Carson ask Jeeves about the Holocaust. You know, the real Holocaust, as opposed to the Republican fan-fic one, where that commie Muslim Adolf Hitler rose to power on a platform of marriage...
Another day of being forced to make gay pizzas. Sigh.

Why Did Anne Frank Hide Like A Coward Instead Of Killing Nazis Dead Like A Real Man?

Last week, Dr. Ben Carson -- alleged educated person, supposedly in possession of a functioning brain -- offered his innovative Hot Tips For How To Survive A Holocaust. First, man up with a military-grade arsenal so that when the Nazis come...
Empty-headed fool.

Ben Carson: If The Jews Had Guns, The Holocaust Might Not Have Turned Out So :(

Ben Carson is apparently no longer content to tour American disaster sites, read the names off of memorials, and call all the victims pussies for failing to stand up to the bad guys, with guns. So now he has...

KKK Dude So Jealous Of Jews At Auschwitz, With Their Coffee Breaks And Swimming Pool

Just in case you were in the mood for seeing a brainless Klansman natter on about what a paradise Auschwitz was, here's a clip from a BBC 3 documentary (sadly not yet available for viewing outside the UK) called...

Gay-Hating Oregon Bakers Real Tired Of Getting Concentration Camped By Hitler

Ready for another dumb Hitler analogy, because this is the week where we do those? Let's get reacquainted with Aaron and Melissa Klein, who decided to be martyrs just like Jesus, by refusing to make a cake for a...
Thank god these Nazi analogies will go away when the next president is inaugurated.

Mike Huckabee: Obama’s Actually Holocausting Jews For A Change

Are we all tired of Obama-is-Hitler analogies? Well of course we are! But Mike Huckabee isn't, because he found a really novel variation on the theme: Instead of Obama being just like a Nazi by forcing Americans to have...
Just another member of the Lone Wolf Freedom Shooty Brigade Of Lone Wolves

Lafayette Shooter Was Teabaggin’, Gay-Hatin’, Hitler-Lovin’ Fool, THANKS OBAMA!

If the online footprint of the Lafayette shooter identified by police as John Russell Houser, who killed two and injured nine others during a Thursday night showing of Amy Schumer's Trainwreck before then killing himself, is any indication, Obama has...
Me is the president I have been waiting for!

Jeb Bush Will Fight Gay Marriage Forever! Or Until He Changes His Mind

Jeb! Bush doesn't care what the Supreme Court says about gay marriage. At the Faith and Freedom Coalition funtimes party last week, he promised religious conservatives he'd fight against equality FOREVER AND EVER, because Jesus said you don't have...

Antonin Scalia Tells Grads: Always Be Yourself, Unless You Are Hitler

Oh, Justice Scalia, what would the Supreme Court do without you? It's such a comfort to know that a brilliant, HILARIOUS legal mind like yours is adjudicating America's Most Important Questions. Scalia spoke at his grandbaby's high school graduation...
Have *none* of you people read the FAQ?

Study: Women Less Likely To Travel Back In Time To Kill Hitler, So Don’t Put Them In Charge Of That

As everyone knows, an important part of any good social science study's research design is throwing in some element that will get you into the media without being so outlandish that people dismiss your study altogether, and this month's...