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Dennis Prager’s The Blacks Are The Happiest The Blacks, He Can Hear Them Singing From Inside The House

Conservative blowhard fulfills perhaps history's greatest self-own.

Your Weekly Top Ten Gonna Write A Memo About How Devin Nunes Is A IDIOT


Tim Allen And Adam Carolla To Produce Searing Documentary About Their Own Irrelevance In Modern America

It is a sad and tragic tale about how unfair it is that college students don't think they're funny anymore.

Adam Carolla, Who Hosts A Podcast For A Living, Thinks Poor People Are Lazy

Can you imagine being The Daily Caller (or any other conservative media outlet that is trying to be cool), and your biggest celebrity "get" is an extended interview with fading bully/outdated hair product connoisseur Adam Carolla? You'd milk that...

We’re Hiring, The Gay Mafia Runs Everything, And More In Your Afternoon Happy Links

Happy Nice Time is hiring! You can be me!! Cosmos went to green screen Mars. We really really really wanted to love the Maya Rudolph variety show thingy, but we are a bit disappoint. Jon Stewart yelled and sweared a lot about...

Adam Carolla Pretty Sure Gay Mafia Is Stopping Him From Being Funny

Poor little Adam Carolla needed some attention and wanted some publicity for his crappy new book, President Me: The America That's in My Head,where we guess (fuck, we're not gonna read it) he talks about the America he wants...

Sundays With Jamie Kilstein And The Lord: Why Isn’t Adam Carolla Funny?

If you have ever thought to yourself, “Boy, I sure wish I knew what the old guy who used to watch girls bounce on trampolines, while trying to slur out a coherent sentence, and who I assumed was dead,...