achievements in web design

Tucker Carlson’s fabled journalism Internet is finally getting published on Monday! “The Daily Caller” is going to be like Huffington Post – Alec Baldwin + Tucker Carlson x Tucker Carlson. How much news will it contain? Millions of news! Carlson can afford to buy all the journalism, thanks to the ace PowerPoints of his business […]

Every single thing on the RNC’s newish web site is eventually removed, in shame, 12-24 hours after it is introduced, so it is sad but unsurprising that—that’s’s fashionable “conservative URL” handle—has been incinerated, kind of.

That thing you were just saying the Internet was definitely missing? It is HERE: Look no further than Newt Gingrich’s grammatically indiscriminate new web magazine, “The Americano”, of course! (Editor Ken Layne points out that “El Americano” has naturally already been dibs’ed by what appears to be a high school dating back to 2005 A.D.) […]

So Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol talked to some bigwigs over at Internet, who have finally agreed to publish! As soon as you can tear yourself away from Michael Steele’s A Man Got To Have A Code blog, your editor at Wonkette implores you to join us on a tour of this latest significant […]

Two seconds ago this blog was called “What Up?” He is running out of Wire allusions and “the Corner” is already taken! GOP Webmaster, please add Michael Steele’s new “Change the Game” blog to “Accomplishments.” []

Tom DeLay’s Tragic Dance Website of Dance has gone Hollywood! Here he is in a brand new welcome foto in which both dance partners appear to be alive. This is a Classy Move! And even though it is a moral certainty he is again wearing ill-fitting swishy pants in this new picture, you cannot see […]