“Obvious Child,” or “the abortion comedy” as you might call it in your Facebook status to bait your more conservative relatives, is already getting compared to “Knocked Up.” The only similarity between “Obvious Child” and the Judd Apatow comedy is the classic drunk-girl-meets-drunk-boy-and-accidentally-gets-pregnant storyline. Condoms are obtained. Condoms are unwrapped. Condoms never end up where […]

Glabrous scurf-picker Keith Ablow, who somehow maintains an on-air presence with Fox News despite being the worst psychiatrist in the world, devoted some quality Fox & Friends time Wednesday to the important issue of how the womens are just too uppity. You might think this would be a poor choice of topic just a few […]

We really can’t get enough of those bigot twins, Jason and David Benham, whom HGTV unceremoniously kicked to the curb when they found out they were up-to-their-eyeballs-level full of bigot. After that, their bank tried to break up with them, but howler monkeys on the internet made the bank reverse its decision. We’re hoping the […]

Human-shaped fecal matter Marco Rubio has been taking some heat the last couple of days over his weekend comments regarding climate change and how it’ll take a lot more than 99% of climate scientists saying it is happening to convince him that it is actually happening, and even if it is happening, we don’t know […]

Let us take a break from our regular snark to give a shout-out to the ladies of Missouri, a handful of whom are winding up a 72-hour demonstration on the steps of the state Capitol building to protest the state’s new abortion restriction bill. The bill, which triples the mandatory waiting period for an abortion […]

Michele Bachmann took a courageous stand today against authorizing a National Women’s History Museum that’s proposed for the National Mall. We know the gals like shopping, but instead of the Mall, wouldn’t a better place be the National Kitchen? We’re just glad there’s a woman willing to stand up and say no to women’s history, […]

Happy 420 Easter (also unfortunately Hitler’s birthday), everyone! This week, a bit of a surprise: we had anticipated that our textbooks for the Christian-school market would lead off their discussion of the 1970s with a lot of excuses and soft-pedaling of Watergate, perhaps depicting it as the destruction of a good man by radicals in […]

Here’s some pretty good news on the old reproductive rights front: A federal judge on Wednesday overturned a North Dakota law banning abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks into pregnancy and before many women know they’re pregnant. U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland, who is based in Bismarck, said […]

Well here’s an update on a dude we first heard about way back in 2010: Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall said back then that he believed that God punishes women who have abortions by sending them disabled children when they have later pregnancies. Here’s how it works, he said: “The number of children who are […]

You’d think that maybe Republicans might have learned something from what happened when Ted Cruz asked Facebook readers to say they hate Obamacare. Which is to say, he got trolled hard by people who love not dying in the streets. Today, Mitch McConnell’s Facebook page is asking folks how they think he should wield a […]

So here is a funny thing. And not an April Fools haha-just-kidding-PSYCH!-YA BURNT! unfunny funny thing, but an actual hilarious-on-any-day-of-the-year funny thing. You know that arts and crafts store, Hobby Lobby, created in God’s image to provide bored housewives with all their scrapbooking and needlepointing needs at made-in-China bargain basement prices? Of course you do, […]

Do you ever feel like maybe Bristol Palin and her mom, Moose, are projecting a little bit? Here, for instance, is “Bristol’s” latest bloog post, about how she enjoys the Bible and choosing life, and how pro-choice people are constantly “spewing violence” toward pro-life folks. Like, they are probably murdering pro-life people right there in […]

That Michelle Obama, always with the evilling, and the Hitlering, like some kind of Evil Hitler. It is like you cannot even turn around in this once-great nation without running into the First Lady of the United States doing something evilly Hitlerian, for instance, encouraging people to drink more water, or encouraging people to sign […]

So Kansas is really on track to be the Most Terrible State of 2014, which is a competition we just invented. This is the fifth time we’ve had to write a “what’s the matter with Kansas” post (find all past Kansas goodness/badness here) yet this year and frankly, Kansas, we are getting a little tired […]

The DC Abortion Fund has found a very clever way to trick anti-choice right-wing social engineers into using their outraged Twittering to help DCAF raise some serious cash, for buying abortions! If you give the DC Abortion Fund $10 a month, you’ll get a tiny coat hanger, ideal for wearing as a pendant or neatly storing […]