Oh, those fun-loving merry tricksters from “Operation Save America!” Last Sunday, the little scamps invaded a Unitarian church to interrupt the service and yell the Gospel at the congregation. And they continued to let the Grim Times roll in New Orleans Tuesday, staging a public “wake” for what they claimed was an actual aborted fetus […]

Just in case you thought that going to your own church might be a good way to avoid fundagelical nonsense, we learn today that some nice people from “Operation Save America,” an offshoot from the radical anti-abortion “Operation Rescue,” would like you to know that they are taking their campaign of Christian Love to minister […]

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is not a smart man. Oh, I know, I know. There’s a conservative fairy tale that Cruz is REALLY smart (Democrats, beware!) because he went to Princeton and Harvard Law School and was super good at debating, and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz called him “off-the-charts brilliant.” But given his complete […]

You know why we can’t have nice things? Today, the reason is Megyn Kelly, the beloved hard-hitting journamalist of Fox “News,” who for some reason my brain cannot comprehend is golden-showered with praise every time she opens her mouth and says something that is remotely accurate. Today, however, is not one of those days. Today, […]

Ugh, Todd Akin, right? You remember Todd Akin, of course. He was a Republican representative from Missouri who just might have become a senator from Missouri if he had not made the catastrophic mistake, as Republicans are wont to do, of opening his mouth and saying words. And you remember those words because we all […]

This is encouraging! For all of us who wondered how we’ll ever get along come 2017, when a new president means we’ll be starved of “Obama is a muslin” stories, Washington Times columnist Robert Knight is auditioning a new possibility: Maybe Hillary Clinton worships Baal, a generic name for any one of several local deities […]

Usually, it is the legislative and/or executive branches that do a late-afternoon pre-holiday weekend news dump, hoping to hide something especially egregious in plain sight, thinking you’ll be too busy to notice because you’re picking up two cases of Bud Light Lime and an absolute fuck-ton of M-80s to take to the cabin. This year, however, […]

Were you thinking that Monday’s Supreme Court rulings represented the nadir of awfulness for this Court term and maybe also too your natural life, law-wise, but at least you could rest easy until October when the Court would start fucking up your life again? Haha when will you ever learn? In theory, the Hobby Lobby […]

It is so stupid, to not be born a man. It is the dumbest thing a person could possibly do, yet fully 51% of the population has committed this sin! We are so grossed out by this, and we are so delighted by today’s Supreme Court decision. Haha, this is a joke, we hate this […]

Yesterday’s SCOTUS decision striking down a protester buffer ring around Massachusetts health clinics made me remember the time I got “counseled” by a man protesting Planned Parenthood. He yelled “MURDERER!” at me and waved a Bible. I was 25, scared, and fresh off a nasty surprise in the form of a broken condom. I blurted out, “Not […]

Isn’t it fun when you can discover a new wingnut, a little hidden gem? They’re like an inexpensive pinot noir that’s a wee bit better than serviceable, so you just have to share them with your friends. Let’s meet Joy Pinto, who opened her gaping hate-maw yesterday at the opening day of the National Right […]

So first let’s get the bad news out of the way: The Supreme Court unanimously threw out the Massachusetts law that established a 35-foot buffer zone around the entrances to abortion clinics, finding that it violates the First Amendment. And now the not-quite-as-awful-as it-sounds-at-first news: The ruling itself is relatively narrow, according to SCOTUSblog. Essentially, […]

Big News for Prolife Budget Hawks: The Michigan state legislature, which can’t afford anything anymore, did some Fiscal Responsibility the other day, appropriating $800,000 to “promote childbirth” and encourage pregnant ladies not to have no ‘bortions. It won’t include any money to actually help feed babbies or anything, but it will throw nearly a million […]

You know what would be a nice change from the usual high school commencement speech? A speech that really lets the graduates know the challenges they’ll face in the adult world, that motivates them to be the change they wish to see, that demonstrates that they can make a difference. For instance, at last Wednesday’s […]

We observed that Mariah Carey has some sweet boobs, for real. We advised a gal on her career change at the ripe old age of 30. We sighed over the glory of the Capital Pride Parade. We laughed over the best Army anti-boner video ever. We totally did it with LL Cool J. We bowed […]