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The anti-choice cat comes out of the bag for this Monday Cringefest.

Antonin Scalia did not get to write a dissent, because the devil won't let you do that in hell.

The GOP can't be bothered to save the Zika babies, because they're too busy saving the babies from Planned Parenthood! Wait, what?

Let's get acquainted with Trump's new pal Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue!

You know what would be cool? Utah -- for godssakes UTAH -- nominating the nation's first transgender major party candidate for Senate.

Sen. Ben Sasse and nutbag anti-abortion activist Jill Stanek's 'Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act' will make a thing illegal that is actually already illegal.

Everybody is stupid and also the worst. Except for you!

Oh look, another wingnut sharing his opinion on Harambe the gorilla!

Wisconsin pro-lifers are organizing prayer vigils mourning Griswold v. Connecticut.

If there's one thing we can all agree on at Wonkette, it's that the only thing worse than a lady is a cusser. Make...

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is obviously on Jan Brewer's meds, as she very sanely vetoes an abortion ban just because it's 'unconstitutional.'

Perhaps the most important question of our time.

Judy Rogers is your new favorite contemporary Christian artist. Also, Roy Moore got suspended for telling the Supreme Court it's not the boss of him. (It is.)

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