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Lafayette Shooter Was Teabaggin’, Gay-Hatin’, Hitler-Lovin’ Fool, THANKS OBAMA!

Just another member of the Lone Wolf Freedom Shooty Brigade Of Lone Wolves
...ey it.” What a freethinker he was! He also believed that welfare recipients should be sterilized and that David Duke was so much better than Martin Luther King, Jr. He loved David Duke so much, according to the SPLC, that “he registered to attend David Duke’s EURO Conference in New Orleans, according to a spreadsheet of conference registrations obtained by Hatewatch.” This is starting to sound like the Family Research Council...
  Even diaper-fetishists have to eat

Whore-Sexing Sen. David Vitter Wiped Away Gay Marriage Tears With Greasy Chick-Fil-A Meat

He's crying because he's hungry.
Friday was a tough day for Louisiana Sen. David Vitter. First, he had to shed his pull-ups and dismount from whatever whore lady was currently being Not His Wife and helping him fulfill his diaper sex fantasies (ALLEGEDLY ALLEGEDLY ALLEGEDLY!), and then he turned on the Google and found out that the Supreme Court had crammed his throat with gay marriage, and he did not like that! The taste of diapers on his tongue did not go well with the taste...
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Deleted Comments: Leave The Duggars Alooooooone

Takes one to know one...
...these resisters go unpunished, hence the efforts to discredit the Duggars, Phil Robertson, Hobby Lobby founder David Green and similar people who clearly have their lives better organized and managed than the majority of Americans. I have to wonder how much of the disdain shown towards the Duggars derives from envy of their greater vitality. The future, demographically speaking, belongs to the people who show up for it. Well, guess what? The fut...
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Oh Hey There’s A Shark In The Middle Of The Road, Guess The State: Your Florida Roundup

Actually set in Florida, true story
...rlayed that rousing defeat into the top job at the DA’s office, which brings us to the courtroom this week, and David Damus, who may or may not be a murderer, we don’t know. Either way, he has an admirably quick wit: The murder trial of David Damus lost its quiet courtroom decorum Wednesday when the accused killer took the stand in his own defense and had a heated exchange with Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton. “When you lost the C...
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Democrats Betray Obama On Trade Deal, Guess He’s Done Being President Now

Hmm, yeah, still not funny
...d Republicans were the ones saying #StandWithObama and if you don’t, you’re basically a Nazi: [Rep. David Schweikert] said the things unions were putting out to counter the free-trade push were “crazy.” Then he likened their work to an infamous Nazi. “Goebbels would be very proud of them,” said Schweikert[.] That would be Arizona Republican David Schweikert, he is pretty much nuts, as you know. He does not trus...
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Huckabee: That Duggar Boy Made A Mistake, Just Like When My Son Murdered That Dog

You STAY in her lap, where you're safe.
...he just murdered a puppy dog, that’s all. As yr Wonkette reported all the way back in 2007: Word is that David [Huckabee] and his best buddy hanged a stray dog while they were counselors at a Boy Scout camp, but no charges were ever filed and David eventually became an Eagle Scout despite being fired from his “job” as a Boy Scout camp counselor for torturing a fucking stray dog. While neither confirming nor denying the incident, Huck told...
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Josh Duggar Touches GOP Presidential Candidates With Same Hands What Touched His Sisters

Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross. Gross.
...amily Research Council hate group, which is headed up by Tony Perkins, who started his career off by purchasing David Duke’s mailing list. Yes, THAT David Duke. Despite being one of the most rabid hate groups in all the land — the FRC’s Peter Sprigg once called for all gays to be “exported” from the United States, and he also openly calls for the criminalization of homosexuality — these fuckers are CONNECTED. I...
  Somewhere Somehow Somebody Must Have Kicked You Around Some

Rand Paul: Why Help Iraqi Refugees? We Won, So Suck It, Losers.

Somewhere somehow somebody must have kicked him around some. Maybe in the head.
...#8217;s thoughts on that one. Maybe he thinks the 648 Syrians need to stay home so they can help make their country a nicer place to live, too. [Correction: This article misidentified the idiot who’s worried about the relentless tide of 648 Syrians. It’s Daniel, not David, Horowitz. Wonkette regrets the error, although David Horowitz is also an idiot. Just not this time.] [RightWingWatch / RightWingWatch another time]...
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Deleted Comments Of The Week: The Holocaust Was A Hoax, Martial Law In Texas Is Real

NB: Remember, talking about actual Nazis does not violate Godwin's Law
Lots of lovely deleted comments for you this week, many of them in reply to our piece about David Cole, the Holocaust denier who’s found an exciting new career denying climate change (he thinks climate scientists need to be tried for treason or something). Some of the comments were about what you’d expect, like this succinct dismissal of the entire topic, from one “boris_batonov,” who simply wrote: “so you retards...
  Have A Reality? This Guy Will Deny It!

Holocaust-Denying Dude Has GREAT Idea: ‘Nuremberg Trials’ For Climate Scientists!

And he was such a nice young man
...caution that Erik Rush’s column at WND doesn’t come out until Thursdays. The idiot this time out is David Cole, who was a big celebrity in the Holocaust Denial crowd back in the 1990s. He made a few videos claiming that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz, the Nazis actually murdered far fewer than 6 million Jews, and that there was no overall Nazi plan for genocide. Instead, he said that the Nazis just wanted to expel Jews from E...
  wicked garden state

‘Bridgegate’ Still A Thing, Chris Christie To Still Never Be President

Baroni, Christie, Guy Christie Doesn't Really Know, He's Serious
...d lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, just to punish a suburban mayor? We finally have the culprits! David Wildstein, who had been a senior Christie appointee to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy at a U.S. district court in Newark. He was released on his own recognizance on a $100,000 bond. The judge in the case cited his cooperation with prosecutors for the release term. Sentenci...
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Racism Is Just As Imaginary As Climate Change! Your Florida Roundup

The new Sheriff Joe?
...lorida news, is everybody ready? Let’s do this! Let This Nice White Man Teach Y’all How To Be Black David Morgan, the sheriff of Escambia County — an illiterate hickberg on the westernmost edge of the Panhandle that should really be part of Alabama, but we keep it because Alabama doesn’t want it either — is a white man who has some Very Deep Thoughts™ about racism and why it does not exist. You see, some white people voted for Barack...
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Top Staffer For Republican Senator Resigns In Ginormous Sexxytimes Scandal!

Fun's over, fellas
...y embarrassing, sad prostitution sting. There weren’t even any real prostitutes, for heaven’s sake! David Wihby, which is a really fun name to say, was Ayotte’s state director in New Hampshire and also a member and vice chair of the Manchester School board; he got caught this weekend in what sounds like the lamest sting operation ever: Wihby, 62, was one of 10 men arrested while responding to online advertisements from women, Na...
  Sealing Closets Shut

The Pat Robertson-Approved 12 Steps To Not Being Gay

...that higher power is so obsessed with where you put your dirty monkey bits is none of your business. Remove the David Beckham poster from your bedroom wall. Now remove the one from your bathroom wall. While we’re at it, just cut David Beckham out of your life altogether. Only gays and Europeans watch soccer. Learn to cook, and not some girly food like brioche or soy, but a strapping, manly food like ham biscuits. Your future wife will thank...
  Stop ISISing the babbies

S.D. State Rep.: Stop Coming To America And Performing Legal Abortions, ISIS!

Activate super suction!
...e the same way live terrorists do. This time, Latterell learned from his previous mistakes, and even perfected tried and true techniques like taking ISIS-related quotes out of context to relate them to abortion. We would object to such a technique on journamalism grounds, but the guy he quote-mines is David Brooks, and David Brooks is a fuck. [Talking Points Memo / / South Dakota Legislature / Think Progress]...
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Meet The WND Commenters Trying To Kill Obamacare

...cular day trip. Brenda is a Pisces (maybe, who knows) and her favorite fish stick type is “frozen.” David King also is not required to get Obamacare, but this is the champ who managed to say “Benghazi” to the nice Mother Jones reporter who called him about being a plaintiff in the suit. To be fair, he probably said “BENGHAZI!!!!1111!!,” but that is hard to transcribe. Unlike Brenda, David does not care if peopl...