JKJK, there are no Puddin' Pops in prison, or anywhere for that matter.
It's the House Finch of Proportional Representation!

Bernie Sanders is asking for a recanvass of last week's Kentucky primary, which seems like a good idea. Do birds count?

White jerk bitches to school principal about baby receiving diploma for murdered teen mom. Principal is having NONE OF IT Y'ALL.

It's almost like they realize that there is no non-racist way to defend the Confederate flag!
You can tell he's a thug from a shady neighborhood.

A Virginia middle-schooler was charged with larceny and suspended from school after a cop accused him of 'stealing' a 65-cent carton of milk that he was entitled to have as part of his free school lunch. Franz Kafka would be proud.

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Hello citizens! It is I, Sara Benincasa, longtime Wonkette contributor and longer-time Wonkette commenter. I am here to tell you about my new book, Real Artists Have Day Jobs, which you can obtain via...

How long has it been since you examined your box? Do you like to examine it in the morning, when the sunlight hits it just right? When you examine your box, tell us, is...
Truck Fump never looked so good

Do you, like all sentient beings on the planet, have a violently strong distaste for presidential candidate Donald J. Trump (nee Drumpf)? Of course you do! Do you, like so very many others, feel the...

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Bill O'Reilly, who maybe beat his wife, has thoughts on how transgenders in bathrooms are 'inappropriate.'

It's pretty tough to insult two quintessential American icons in the same sentence. Occasionally we all get flashes of brilliance and can piss-off large swaths of people, from cute babies to the grumpy olds, in...
Yes, Virginia, there IS an ethics probe

Yes, Virginia, there IS a federal investigation. But we have no idea what exactly is being investigated. It's Terry McAuliffe, there's always something.
It's a mystery!

Megan McArdle, libertarianess, has been doing some Thinkering, and holy fuckballs! Cogitating, she was, about who is really to blame for the rise of Trump and racism in the Republican Party, and she is...

In other news, Starr is losing his position as president of Baylor University after covering up some rapes!

Some racists on the Internet think so, so you know it is true.

Donald Trump refers to Vince Foster's suicide as 'very fishy' in Washington Post interview. You know WHAT ELSE is very fishy?

What should Hillary Clinton's hobby be? Knitting, or genocide?
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America's top moral scold, Bill O'Reilly, is suing his ex-wife for $10 million, claiming she fraudulently misled the poor heartbroken teevee shouter into signing a separation agreement while she was boinking someone that was...

The U.S. Supreme Court decided Monday that the Constitution only allows racial bias in jury selection when it's a lot more subtle than that practiced by a Georgia prosecutor's office 29 years ago. The...

No one understood women like Henry VIII, that is for sure. Except maybe Ted Bundy!
He's a very talented guy; he'll be able to pull it off.

With James O'Keefe's botched attempt to infiltrate George Soros's Open Society Foundations, we learn (again) just what a shoddy amateur spy he is.

Donald Trump acknowledges climate change isn't 'bullshit' or 'a hoax' when it's threatening his Irish golf course.

Lindsey Graham is now reportedly asking Republican donors to get behind Trump.
Yes, yes, the nice socialist speaks German too, please save your angry emails...

Austria narrowly avoided electing a far right candidate who loves flirting with the language and symbolism of Naziism. Breitbart News choked back a sob.

Donald Trump called Miss Universe from Venezuela 'Miss Housekeeping.' He loves the Spanishes!
Libertarians have wings! (Unicorn horn sold separately)

Take a look at this awesome InfoWars experimental film masquerading as a political ad for Libertarian presidential candidate John McAffee. Language is a virus from outer space!
Oh good, more opinions from this guy.

Ted Nugent is neither dead nor in jail. DOES have thoughts on Bernie Sanders.

'Reasonable human,' by the way, also hopes Donald Trump becomes president.

Paul Krugman did not actually say anything sexist about Hillary Clinton. That was Salon.