All the soup for you

Cioppino: Hey-o! It’s Italian Seafood Stew!

Cioppino is a seafood stew that sounds Italian, though it was created in San Francisco. Italian-American fisherman from the North Beach neighborhood would gather of some of this, some of that and prepare it on the fishing boats to keep themselves warm and fed. It is rich, thick and designed to ...
  Vet Sematary

GOP’s Newest Fun Campaign Prop: Veterans’ Graves

It's OK -- look, there's a flag!
Sometimes, when a candidate loves his country very much, the higher purpose of serving that country and the great men and women — the heroes! — requires him to overlook petty things like rules. Consider North Dakota congressweasel Kevin Cramer, who cares so much about honoring the ...
  poutine on airs

Ted Cruz Will Fix Constitution So Judges Can’t Gay Us Anymore

Even Harvard makes mistakes
With the Supreme Court cramming the civilization-wrecking horror of gay marriage down America’s throat until it tickled our epiglottis and coated our larynx with sweet, milky equality, we were expecting waves of hysterical overreactions from wingnuts everywhere. Sure, there were a few. ...
  Do you like gladiator movies?

Republican Congressbeau Aaron Schock Being Not Gay Again

Last we heard from our young conservative stud Aaron Schock, he was deleting his Instagram on account of too-gayness. Probably so he can get the Family Research Council to give him back his 100 percent rating that says yes, he is super good at hating gays and ‘bortions. Now he is just ...
  puppetry of the fetus

What Do You Get The Fetus Who Has Everything? A Lawyer

Harvey Birdman, Fetal Attorney-at-Law
The great progressive state of Alabama has a new law requiring minors who want an abortion to undergo a trial where they can be questioned about their decision by a lawyer appointed by the court to represent their fetus. Which is the sort of law you pass when your legislature is run by either ...
  October Derprise

Kelly Ayotte Thinks Obama Is A Pussy

OK, so that's sort of a smoking gun
New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who along with John McCain and Lindsey Graham is one of the Three Amigos who are the Tuffest Republicans On Defense, explains that while Barack Obama may be dropping a lot of bombs on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, he doesn’t really mean it because his motives ...
  no touching!

Alaska Congressman Don Young Confesses Murder

Don Young, he’s this guy. Congressman from Alaska. Calls people wetbacks. Did whatever this was. Reacts pretty bizarrely when anyone touches his arm. You know: totally normal behavior. So who accidentally touched Don Young’s arm this week? And will that person get murdered? Yes. ...
  Very Serious Journamalism Meets Very Serious Talking Points

GOP Will Give Pregnant Ladies ‘Whatever It Is That We Can Offer’ Except For One Little Thing

Just trying to remember which talking point works here
In the never-ending quest to prove that every member of the Republican Party is dumber than he (or she, there are like half a dozen chicks too!) looks, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus went on Meet The Press Sunday to really drive the message home again some more again some ...