Look, America, Trump Is Being Putin’s Fuck Toy Again!

It's weird how Trump's actions keep aligning with the Kremlin's interests!

It’s A Fuck-Tussle Of I’M IN CHARGE HERE At The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau!

Despite lawsuit over his nomination, Mulvaney is already getting donut crumbs and dandruff all over the offices at CFPB.

Trump Finds A Website Worse Than Fox News. Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 27, 2017

The GOP still can't figure out what it's doing, REXXON is blowing off security briefings, and Melon Trump hates being FLOTUS. Your post-vacay morning news brief!

New York Times’s Nazi Profile Was Better In Original German

We can't ignore the fucking Nazis. We don't have to fawn over them either.

It’s Your Grateful Top Ten!

Come in and sit a spell!

Thanksgiving: Australia Just Humiliated Lady Bigot ‘Pauline Pantsdown’!

An entirely complete and not at all biased history of #auspol.

WHITE DADS ON DOPE! A Thanksgiving Mommyblog

And how was YOUR Thanksgiving?
The Platonic Ideal Of Cheesy Thanksgiving Photos

Sorry, Mr. Limbaugh, Thanksgiving Doesn’t Celebrate Pilgrims’ Triumph Over Socialism

Let's debunk some rightwing holiday hooey!
You want traditional? We got yer traditional right here, Mac

A Nation Of Finks: Your William S. Burroughs Thanksgiving Prayer 2017

Your William S. Burroughs Thanksgiving Prayer is timelier than ever.

Buttercup Squash Pie To Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner

Pumpkins aren't the only pieworthy squash, you know.

Put Some Food On Your Family With Aunt Wonkette’s Real Cranberry Business

We hereby challenge Susan Stamberg to a cage match. Of cranberry recipes.

Betty Ford’s Boozy Chocolate Cake

Mom, who are those people?

Put Thanksgiving In Your Mouth With Grown-Up Baked Mac And Cheese, For Grown-Ups

It's mac and cheese, for grown up adults. No, that doesn't mean booze. (It could mean booze.)

Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Under The Sea’ Salad Has Jello, Stuffed Olives, And Miracle Whip, No Oxycodone

The Ghost of Recipes Past has scanned our archives and found this thing, which had previously run in July 2012. It is more Jell-O, for people who find Mamie Eisenhower a tad intimidating. OK, sure, we made fun of Rush...

The Jell-O Recipe That Mamie Eisenhower Used To Win The Cold War

This Jello recipe made David Eisenhower fall for Julie Nixon. You could look it up.
"And so what happens in this room?"

Making Thanksgiving ‘Monkey Bread’ With Nancy Reagan, FOREVER!

Her astrologer said the stars were propitious. She assumed that had something to do with blowjobs.

Where The Hell Is The Agenda!

So this is how it's going to go, see?

Paul Manafort Sprung From House-Jail For Thanksgiving! FYI, BORDER PATROL.

It's nice that he gets to enjoy his last Thanksgiving as a free man.

Breitbart Editor Remembers The Good Old Days, When Rape Used To Mean Something

Alex Marlow insists that the definition of rape has changed to 'any sex you later regret.'

Poor Oppressed Alabama Police Chief Suspended Just For Making HILARIOUS Rape Jokes

We're not sure if there's ever a good time for a rape joke. But we're sure that THIS ISN'T IT.

Yes All Men

No part of this discussion will be comfortable, but it is overdue.