Here We Are Now Seattle, Entertain Us

Back in our salad days of last June or whatever, we drove around the country, buying you beer. Mostly, this was so we could have a vacation and call it a work expense, except it actually kind of was work. When we lost a man in Kansas, there was no waiting with her until she had ...
  Intellectual Powerhouse Of The Right

Ben Stein: But Didn’t You See Michael Brown Was BLACK?

Michael Brown was Bruce Lee, too
In a very important Newsmax interview that we won’t see a red cent out of your clicking on, former game show host and one-memorable-role actor Ben Stein courageously took on the myth that Michael Brown was an “unarmed teen,” because, as he told interviewer Steve Malzberg, ...
  No Need For Gun Skills!

Nine-Year-Old Girl With Uzi, F*ck You America

Kid With Gun, Bernard Dumaine, 2012
In News of Responsible Gun Owners today, we have the story of some loving parents who know that you can never start too soon when it comes to putting firearms into the hands of your tykes. Sure, maybe in the olden times you might give your kid a .22 rifle so that they can become accustomed to ...
  The Beat Generation

Florida Marine Gets A Beating For Sassing Back To A Cop

Why were you resisting? Why?
Here’s another reason why so many Americans love those who are dedicated to protecting and serving their community. Last December, Marine Corps Corporal Curtis Shannon got himself a good beating for his refusal to roll down his car window all the way when confronted by an increasingly ...
  virginia is for gay catholic lovers

Grifty Gov. Bob McDonnell Hanging Out In Gay Priest’s Rectory

How much do we love the Bob McDonnell grift trial, currently underway in Richmond, Virginia, for giving us a break from August’s unrelentingly bad news? So very, very much. Thank you, Bob and Maureen McDonnell! We would even consider voting for you in the future, if you had any prayer of ...