Local Man Pretty Sure There Are AT LEAST 1,000 Naked Lady Pictures In The World

Letters to the editor say the darnedest things!

Carter Page Says Sean Hannity Is The Edward R. Murrow Of His Wet Dreams

Good Night And Good Fucking Lord

It’s ‘Special Rights’ When Gay People Want Cake, But Airplane Discount For NRA Is GOD-FUCKING-GIVEN

Georgia simply won't stand for a pipsqueak airline's bowing to liberal pressure. So it'll apply some rightwing pressure instead.

Looks Like Somebody’s Got A Case Of The Tuesdays! Wonkagenda For Tues., Feb. 27, 2018

Hope Hicks heads to Hill, Hannity is the voice of our generation, and NEW, MORE sex scandals by gross guys you ain't heard of ... TILL NOW!

Trump Solves Opioid Crisis: 1. Become Dictator Of Philippines; 2. Kill Everyone; 3. ???; 4. PROFIT!

What do you mean he can't do that? He's president, isn't he?

Donald Trump, Florida AG Pam Bondi To Be Your Personal Rambo At All America’s Schools

Amazing that two great people would have the same idea within hours of each other.

Did Devin Nunes Fuck A Bad Cow Before He Went On ‘Fox & Friends’?

We're not saying Devin Nunes fucks cows. We're just saying he should check them for Mad Cow Disease first.

Rick Santorum Demands Single Moms Face Justice For Shooting Up Florida School

Doing something about guns is hard. So let's start with something easy, by making sure all American families raise their kids right.

Lo Unto Us A Democratic Memo Is Given, To Beat Devin Nunes On The Ass With!

Hey, breaking news, Devin Nunes is full of shit.

Donald Trump Would Like His Personal Pilot To Head The FAA, Or Maybe Solve Middle East, One Or The Other

Who did Trump's pilot see riding on that plane? Just asking.

Trump Wants To Run FAA Like Trump Shuttle. Wonkagenda For Mon., Feb. 26, 2018

Democrats release their Trump-Russia memo, Trump wants his personal pilot to head the FAA, Olympians wonder what the hell Ivanka does anyway. Your morning news brief!

Deleted Comments: From Hell’s Heart I Stab At Thee! I Will Never Stop Until Wonkette Debates Me!

The 2nd Amendment is the law of the land, so protesting guns is treason. Cool story, bro.

The Week In Garbage Men: Misogynist Sites ‘Return of Kings’ And ‘A Voice For Men’ Now Official Hate Groups

And they are not happy about it! Also this is your OPEN THREAD!

2018 Midterm Madness: Sucking The Soul From South Carolina’s Good Old Boys

With Trey Gowdy gone, Democrats in South Carolina's 4th are running against a Trump grifter, and a guy who wants to make the electric chair great again.

Trump Nazi Sebastian Gorka Declares That 2016 Election Proved Existence Of God

Because obviously God was so into a pussy-grabbing billionaire that he rigged the whole election in his favor!

Missouri GOP IS Dogwhistling Past The Graveyard In Wake Of Greitens Indictment

Yep, they're doubling down on Governor Revenge Porn.

Triggering The Libs: A How-To Guide For Conservatives