Dr. Gundry reveals the top 3 common foods that you would have never guessed were the cause of your fatigue.

Trump is as good at apologies as he is at not going bankrupt.

Everything you never wanted to know about Sunday's presidential debate!
Rightwing humor at its edgiest

Donald Trump has a new reason for his supporters to harass Latinos, yay!

Debate prep is for LOSERS.

Stuart Varney and Tucker Carlson say Democrats won't bother to vote in a storm, because they are lazy.

If you can't say Donald Trump inspired your hate crime, what has become of Justice?

There goes God, punishing gays with natural disasters again.
As snarly as they come

Could one of Congress's biggest jerks be in danger? Here's hoping so!

They are going to the county fall fest in Wisconsin! They will eat cotton candy and get stuck on top of the ferris wheel together maybe!

The only thing getting robbed here is you, of the 2 minutes of your life you will never get back.

Hello, this is Ted Cruz. Have you seen my manhood anywhere?

He was just kiddin', and is super sorry if YOU took offense.
Wait, she lets her kid stand WHERE?

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Stop with the lesser of two evils crap.
There. Much better without that nonsense

Tennessee parents are freaking out over 'Islamic indoctrination' in textbooks again. And al-Gebra is determined to strike again.
Best friends.

He only means for old white Trump supporters, though. Others are free to die whenever they want.

Why does Megyn Kelly have to be such a big mean bully all the time so much?
Don Blankenship at a -- get this -- Labor Day event.

One of America's sleaziest CEOs has written a booklet arguing that he's the real victim. Get in line, buddy.

When will mean old Hillary Clinton stop libeling Mr. Trump like this?