Dr. Jill Stein ascended the rope ladder to her secret medical tree house, where she practiced secret medicine. Hand over hand, clog over sensible clog, she climbed. Finally, after moving in some more ways that would be...

Andrea Tantaros is not the liar, YOU ARE THE LIAR.
Trump campaign prepares for first visit to a black church

Donald Trump plans to visit an African-American church Saturday, and we're betting we'll never hear the end of it.

The womenfolk shall be made happy by force, if necessary.
Donald Trump with his First Lady AKA his daughter.

Oh look, Donald Trump made Huma Abedin's marital problems about him. Surprise.

Wonkette Business

beat it, poors

Wonkers! There you are, just trying to read your dick jokes in peace, and some fucking thing keeps looping and crashing your browser. Or there's a fucking poll that sounds like it was written...
Why isn't Mercedes sponsoring wind farms? The branding is right there!

Here's a company that's using the good ol' free market to expand the reach of clean wind power. You want to save the planet, don't you?

Do you know the story of Judith and Holofernes? Judith was a rad Jewish woman, and Holofernes was a ... Roman? general who wanted to rape her. She was like "cool, Holofernes, I will...

Wonkette Bazaar

These cutesy 'Abbey Road' recreations are getting out of hand

Donald Trump was incredibly wrong about crime rates. Imagine that!

Maybe he just fired her for being a woman, we don't know.
Ritchie Mack, he's a sheriff down in 'Zona...

More straight out delusion from our pals in the "Constitutional Sheriff" community, who still want to get themselves elected into power in Navajo County, Arizona, and then tell the Federal Government to bugger off,...
We're only doing this to get your attention

Paul LePage is not a racist, no matter how many times he says that black drug dealers are coming to Maine to impregnate all its white women. If you insist on thinking Paul LePage...
If the Trump campaign somehow brings back Pauly Shore, it's going to have a lot to answer for.

Donald Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon was once part of the management team for Biosphere 2, another over-hyped financially dubious flop.

Oh, is Anthony Weiner waving his dick around again? Huh.
The bowl of petunias only said, 'Oh no, not again.'

In which our deleted commenters treat a comedy sketch like the Zapruder film. We can hardly wait for the Dinesh D'Souza feature-length documentary on Picklegate.
Srsly. This is Srs Bsns on Srs Internet.

Greetings, settlers and sharecroppers alike! It's time for ye olde fashioned medicine show and discount homeopathic dentist, The Snake Oil Bulletin! This week, we decided to attack a dangerous if well-meaning meme making the...

This week's profile of 2016's U.S. Senate races is chock full of Dakotas. Sorry, not the Fanning girl.
this is just a secret code, everyone

Britain, our little big brother, continues to partner with the rest of us in the War On Terror. But it's frustrated with the continued existence of ISIS and its effect on their country. Even...


Sung by your boyfriend, William Tapley, third eagle of the apocalypse and co-prophet of these end times.

Mike Brzezinski is mad as hell, and she's not going to take it anymore!

No gross secular 'holiday trees' for little Eric, only the real kind that was grown by Jesus!
It's rabbit holes all the way down.

A Las Vegas man who believed Sandy Hook was faked has been arrested on charges of plotting a real massacre. If you believe the government, of course.

Can the original Maverick pull out of this tailspin?
We're only doing this to get your attention

Apparently LePage thinks it's cool to say you want to murder a legislator, as long as you only want to murder him in a duel in 1825.

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter is in the 'denial' stage of her intense grief.