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Libtard Catch Phrase Turns Six Years Old

Just like children, catch phrases continue to age long after they quit being cute. And so it was with “Mission Accomplished,” a banal phrase on a banner strung up behind old what’s-his-name on that day, six years ago, when he dressed up like a space-pilot action figure and was ...
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Doughnut Holes At Darlington House

Darlington House opened to high expectations last year when it replaced the popular Childe Harold on 20th and Connecticut, north of Dupont Circle. Unfortunately, Darlington, despite its pleasant outdoor seating, fails to live up to expectations.
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Obama To Kick Biden Out Of America

Barack Obama has had enough of this Joe Biden and his Gaffes about how we will all die if we go indoors, so he’s just cold exilin’ that dingbat to Hell in a couple of weeks: “WASHINGTON (CNN) – Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia and ...
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AWFUL DEMOCRATS WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY CROWN ARLEN SPECTER: It seems some psychopaths in the Left Wing didn’t get the fucking memo (as shouted by Joe Biden) that NO ONE IS TO RUN AGAINST ARLEN SPECTER for the 2010 Democratic nomination for the Senate, and now Glenn Greenwald has something ...
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Snobby Elitist College Nerds Attack Condi, Condi Fights Back

Hooray for VIDEO FRIDAY, yes? Now you will watch this video. Condi Rice teaches at Stanford again and recently attended this Dorm Reception to meet the rich liberal bastards, who decided to harass her, about torture. We encourage you to watch the whole clip, because she gets progressively ...
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Joe Barton Hard At Work On New Important Legislation

The AP on America’s Smartest Legislator, the Stumper: “Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Texas said Friday that efforts to tinker with the BCS are bound to fail. He told a House hearing that the BCS is like communism and can’t be fixed. Barton has introduced legislation that would ...
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Plenty of Reasons To Wear a Surgical Mask

Tonight through May 14: Bernie Maddoff may have stolen tons of money from the Jews, (and just about every other group, including unicorns, one-eyed monsters, and probably even contaminated pigs) but the show most go on, and indeed it will with the 9th Northern Virginia International Jewish Film ...
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Snarlin’ Cartoon Violence

By the Comics CurmudgeonOur political class is no mere machine, with individuals just cogs within it; no, our leaders can exercise free will and make decisions almost on a whim that have far-reaching implications, and this week one man has made just such a choice. I’m talking, of course, ...
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Jerry Brown: Somebody Stole My Tires!

Oh noes for California attorney general Jerry Brown — yes the same one who was governor of California, in the 1970s, and fought (Bill) Clinton all the way to the convention for the ’92 nomination. Somebody stole two of the wheels off his government car! Or maybe just the tires. ...
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Michelle Obama Officially 93rd Hottest Woman In World

Maxim magazine, which is sort of like The New Yorker for cretins, issues the “Hot 100″ every year so that its readers know who they should be thinking about when they masturbate into their tube socks. Number 93 this year is our own First Lady, so get to work, youngsters! [Maxim]
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St. Louis Declares War On Austin, And Vice Versa

Austin mayoral candidate Brewster “Phil” McCracken has ENRAGED the entire city of St. Louis by talking about how horrible they are, vis a vis the completely perfect city of Austin (which many an Austinite will assure you is “not like the rest of Texas” because they ...
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Shutdowns Across The Continent

If you feel like you aren’t sick, go ahead and ride around on the germy subway and germy buses. Just don’t lick everything. [AP] The guy who tried to kill the Dutch queen in a parade yesterday died. [Wall Street Journal] Why does President Obama have to be so mean to hedge funds? ...
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DAVID SOUTER TO QUIT SUPREME COURT: Supreme Court Justice David Souter, the one George Bush Senior picked without knowing that he was secretly a French liberal queer, will retire at the end of the current session because he wants to climb mountains in New Hampshire or something before dying of ...
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These Dinosaur Furries Are Texas State Representatives

In this blurry, repulsive frame from actual Texas state government video shot today, a couple of sex-creep furries are standing/sitting around some Texas state representatives. BUT WAIT IT IS WORSE THAN THAT. While it has become all too common to see filthy furries in their filthy ...