Will this be the the thing that turns Trump's campaign around? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Hillary Clinton released a detailed proposal to improve mental health care Monday, and it's largely gone unnoticed. That's just plain crazy.

None of these people's mamas raised them right, apparently.

Tomi Lahren is clearly triggered by seeing black people protest racism, maybe she needs a safe space?

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beat it, poors

Wonkers! There you are, just trying to read your dick jokes in peace, and some fucking thing keeps looping and crashing your browser. Or there's a fucking poll that sounds like it was written...
Why isn't Mercedes sponsoring wind farms? The branding is right there!

Here's a company that's using the good ol' free market to expand the reach of clean wind power. You want to save the planet, don't you?

Do you know the story of Judith and Holofernes? Judith was a rad Jewish woman, and Holofernes was a ... Roman? general who wanted to rape her. She was like "cool, Holofernes, I will...

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Those are my juniper bushes! Clear off!

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has vowed to never ever ever speak to reporters again, and possibly to hold his breath until he turns sane.
Now here's a man who LOVES the Hispanics and their taco bowls

Trump's trip to Mexico will either be a disaster, or a bloody effing disaster, depending on your perspective.

Keith Ablow's penetrating analysis of Donald Trump's heroic cocktalk will have you questioning everything you learned in Psych 101.
God, that's just so dumb. Doesn't Obama even care that Americans are DYING?

Who's telling the truth? Andrea Tantaros? Fox News? Both of them? ARE THEY ALL HUGE LIARS?

God sure has a good sense of humor!
Bye Now. Bye-Bye!

Floridians have kicked out Angela Corey, who botched the prosecution of George Zimmerman. Who'll let child killers walk now?

Kellyanne Conway wishes Hillary would stop calling Trump names and ... we dunno, be better at scoring hot chicks?

Sounds like lots of Trump's models worked in America illegally, and he literally made money off screwing them. Would Donald Trump really do such a thing???
You cover up your dirty pillows with a long-form birth certificate, young lady

Oh, it's another damned primary election with national implications. Guess we should pay attention, huh?

Wayne Allyn Root thinks people on welfare and women who get copay-free birth control should not be allowed to vote!
62 years of raising hell

It's Molly Ivins's birthday. Laugh, raise some hell, and make sure everyone you know is registered to vote.

No, John Boehner is probably not driving the Wonkebago to the Portland, Oregon, Drinky Thing, but a girl can dream, can't she? Join your comrades at the Wonkette Commenter-Owned Cooperative Drinky Thing And...

Did you know that Hillary Clinton threatened to kill Bernie Sanders if he didn't drop out of the primaries? It's on the internet, so it must be true.

A fake PPP poll shows Trump beating Hillary in Florida by a margin of 74-9. Obviously the first REAL UNSKEWED POLL of the election!

There is quite a big debate these days, over in Europe, about whether or not Muslim women ought to be allowed to wear "burkinis" -- bathing suits that fully cover the skin and hair...

Did you hear Kaepernick is a secret Islamic? Sean Hannity did!
You have the right to free speech as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it.

America is a land of boundless freedom, as long as you don't say anything unkind about it in relation to the flag or national anthem.

Palin managed to make a Facebook post about her falling down and banging her head on some rocks all about Hillary Clinton.