Every Ted Pat And Harry

Pat Robertson Wishes Ted Cruz Would Settle Down And Be Sensible Like Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson doesn't like these sneaky 'confirming appointees' shenanigans
So here’s more fallout from the maneuvering on the Big Budget Bill this weekend: After Ted Cruz’s diddling with Senate rules opened the door for some of Barack Obama’s appointees to be confirmed, televangelist Pat Robertson decided that he doesn’t like this Ted Cruz ...
  I Think We're All Bozos On This Cromnibus

Lindsey Graham Yells At Elizabeth Warren In Preview Of Alternate Universe Presidential Debate

We'd pay good American money to watch this debate
So over the weekend, the Senate miraculously avoided shutting down the entire government by passing that “Cromnibus” budget bill, hooray! The bill included all kinds of special favors to special interests, including a very special little gift for giant banks that had been written by ...
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Hackers To Crush Sony Pictures Unless Sony Wants To Be Pen Pals

Angelina didn't see this coming at all when she starred in 1995 film Hackers.
The shadowy hacker group that has been sowing chaos, panic, and dissension in the ranks of Sony Pictures Entertainment by releasing thousands of private emails also has a condescendingly benevolent side. The group, calling themselves Guardians of Peace (yes, in a particularly delicious ...
  Not Sure I Agree With You 100% On Your Police Work There

Ohio Cops Who Killed Guy In Walmart Pretty Sure His Girlfriend Made Them Do It

A lotta police departments might base their interrogation on the facts of the case. Or not.
Remember John Crawford, shot to death by police in an Ohio Walmart for carrying a BB gun he’d picked up off the store’s shelf? For extra “fun,” we bring you The Guardian’s story on the interrogation of his girlfriend, Tasha Thomas, in an apparent attempt by police ...
  Maybe they hate us for our stupid

Donald Trump And Fox & Friends: It’s Cool, Sydney Hostage-Takers, CIA Was ‘Just Following Orders’

YOOOOGE idiots
You may be aware of a hostage situation in a Lindt chocolate shop in Sydney, Australia. Because it appears to be politically motivated, and the gunmen have reportedly displayed an ISIS (or Muslim or Those People, who knows!) flag in the window, it is therefore the perfect opportunity for the ...
  Mentors: The Faithmaker

Jesus Has A Whole New Bag: Mentoring Ohio Public School Kids

Mentoring means the kids get Mentos, right?
So here’s a terrific idea to help At Risk Youth (you know, poor kids) overcome the problems of poverty: get them into a mentoring program, so they can learn skills for success and learn gooder in school. And so, with a bit of fanfare and a photo op surrounded by underprivileged kids and ...
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Cleveland Cops Think ‘Pathetic’ Athletes Should Stay Out Of Cops Killing Black Kids

Not even close to the biggest disappointment on Sunday night
Unless you play fantasy football, you’ve probably never heard of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins, but the public relations geniuses at the Cleveland Police Union are doing their darnedest to change that. Hawkins took the field Sunday wearing a shirt that read “Justice ...
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Dick Cheney Tortures Us By Making Us Look At More Of George Bush’s Paintings Or Something

Dick Cheney auditions for a reboot of
Sunday was a good day for the bookers on a couple of those political chat shows where Washington’s power brokers yap at each other in brazen displays of verbal hand jobbery. It’s not every week that the president and vice president of the previous administration both make appearances, but with ...
  Your Morning Maddow

Morning Maddow: Tom Coburn Says Saving Veterans From Suicide Costs Too Much (Video)

Here's what it takes to get Rachel Maddow to cry
It’s certainly not news that suicide among veterans is a big problem. It’s also not news that expanded services for veterans is usually a popular idea. Consider the outrage earlier this year at delays in treatment at Veterans Administration hospitals, which resulted in the ...
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Justice Scalia: What’s So Terrible About Torture? It Works On TV!

What's the difference between real life and TV? Who knows? Who cares?
At least Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia isn’t in a position to make important decisions that affect people’s lives, or this might be a tad disturbing: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says torture — depending on the circumstances, like if a nuclear bomb was planted ...
  media circus

Inside The Collapse Of The New Yorker’s Inside The Collapse Of The New Republic

We haven’t had much — or anything? — to say about the mass hissyfit at The New Republic, because, honestly, how could we care? But that was before we read Ryan Lizza’s Inside the Collapse of The New Republic at the New Yorker, to which we could only sit at our kitchen ...
  Book Of Hatchet Job

Sundays with the Christianists: How Mark Twain Steered America Toward Hell

Mark Twain and his familiar
You may have thought that Mark Twain was some kind of literary genius, but did you also know that he personally ruined America by being such a good writer of books, which ruined America? We’ve finally reached the chapter we’ve been waiting for in Kevin Swanson’s culture-war ...
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The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report: Abortion, Vikings, And The Obvious Grift

The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, Presented by Fartknocker
The Sarah Palin Channel is conducting a fascinating investigation into just how little content it can publish without losing subscribers. Palin has published fewer than 22 minutes of video this month, and even that abysmally small number is inflated. For example, Palin’s post on December ...
  the commentczar's in town

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Why Don’t You People Cover The Important Stories?

Dear Sir or Madame: I am outraged by the poor quality of the .gifs on this mommyblog!
It’s the weekend, and time to catch up on some vital maintenance — refill the poison rat dick stockpiles, top off the Pony cache, and slop out the comments queue, that sort of thing. And we have some real winners from would-be commenters today, ranging from wingnuts who want to set ...
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Tear Your Own Eyeballs Out For This Christmas Recipe, St. Lucy’s Baked Swede

St. Lucy was a 4th century martyr from Sicily whose feast day we celebrate today, December 13. She was killed because the pagan man to whom she was betrothed found out that she was straight up giving her dowry away to poors. In defense of the powers that were, they only executed after a team of ...
  Imperial Walker

Scott Walker Would Like All The Money For You To Pray With Him, Please

Hey, even Jesus hung out with money changers
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got re-elected somehow — mandate of heaven, we guess — and he’s putting together plans for a big inaugural hootenanny. Now, in years past, inaugural events in Wisconsin used to also double as fundraisers for charities, like Boys and Girls Clubs or ...
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Wonkette Week In Review: How On Earth Did You Miss These Stories?

Oh, there's good stuff in here.
We understand. We know how it is. You’re out there every day, holding together the shaky scaffolding of reality, keeping the world as we know it from disintegrating into chaos, doing your part against entropy. Or at least keeping that jackhole from Accounts Receivable from getting the ...
  Influence Of MS-Paint On Sexual Orientation Still Unknown

Anti-Gay Billboard Exposes New Threat: Gays Cloning Straight Twins With Photoshop

All incredibly true except for the not being twins part
An idiot “ex-gay” group calling itself Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) — get it?!? – put up a billboard claiming that studies of twins “prove” that no one is born gay, because if one twin is gay and the other is straight, then it’s ...
  Rest In Peace

Chuck C. Johnson Decries Lack of Deathbed Apology From Rose Cochran

Thad Cochran, dwarfed by his own hands, celebrates his primary win
Rose Cochran, the wife of Mississippi Republican Sen. Thad Cochran, died at a hospice facility in Ridgeland, Mississippi, Friday at the age of 73. She had been at the center of one of the most bizarre episodes of the 2014 elections, although she was blessedly unaware of it. As you recall, some ...
  Rest In Peace

Now Drink This! Your Classic Sidecar Cocktail Recipe

The sidecar is a beverage steeped in controversy. The creation lore is murky. The ratios are not widely agreed upon. Bartenders cannot decide whether to serve it with ice or strained. The only part which is accepted by nearly all is the ingredients — brandy, orange liqueur, and lemon ...

Peggy Noonan Explains Who Is To Blame For The Torture Report: The Dastardly Japanese

The protests were over, the protestors having returned to their hovels in the far-off, darkened lands from whence they came (mostly Brooklyn, she assumed), and Sister Peggy Noonan’s beloved Manhattan had returned to its jaunty, holiday-time normal. The Santas with their bells and their ...
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Creationists Gonna Sue For First Amendment Right To Tax Breaks To Build Noah’s Ark

Not so fast
Tragic news for the taxpayers of Kentucky: You will not be forced to foot the bill for creationists to build a really big boat, just like Noah did in the Bible, which actually literally happened, YES IT DID. For years, Kentucky has been trying to find a way to spend millions of dollars to ...