The fever will rise again

Democrats aren't too crazy about some of the provisions Republicans threw into the Zika funding bill. Isn't allowing Confederate flags in federal cemeteries an important part of fighting infectious disease?

Could Donald Trump get any punier at this point?
Trash man

On economy, Donald Trump is now running somewhat to Hugo Chavez's left

Sometimes, when there is a ton of news about a couple-a big things, news about other things gets swept under the rug and we miss it! But in addition to the other awesome judicial...

Tuesday's Republican Benghazi press conference was as pathetic as you'd imagine.

Wonkette Business

Do you know the story of Judith and Holofernes? Judith was a rad Jewish woman, and Holofernes was a ... Roman? general who wanted to rape her. She was like "cool, Holofernes, I will...

How long has it been since you examined your box? Do you like to examine it in the morning, when the sunlight hits it just right? When you examine your box, tell us, is...
Truck Fump never looked so good

Do you, like all sentient beings on the planet, have a violently strong distaste for presidential candidate Donald J. Trump (nee Drumpf)? Of course you do! Do you, like so very many others, feel the...

Wonkette Bazaar

you've come a long way baby

The ACLU announced Tuesday that a federal judge has granted class action status to thousands of migrant children in a lawsuit demanding that attorneys be appointed to help kids in immigration hearings. Yes, it's disgusting the government has to be sued to do that.
At least this time it wasn't in a bag on fire

International relations took a gross turn this week: the Washington Post's Josh Rogin reports on a Russian campaign of harassment and intimidation against American diplomats in Moscow and eastern Europe. There's some pretty scary...
Turn that poo-face upside down, Sarah.

This is pathetic, even for Empress Grifts-A-Lot.
You will absolutely believe this credible, unsurprising story!

Would you believe there's little evidence that Donald Trump has given anything near the amount of money he says he gives to charity? Of course you would.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio almost definitely has a human skin lamp in his sunroom.
History's Greatest Monster, 2016 Edition

Fox News, America's most reliable and trusted cable news outlet, has been muddling around for years now, trying to find some dirt on Hillary Clinton that will really stick. Benghazi, excuse us, BENGHAZHI!!1!, has turned out...
Winning the day.

Who could have imagined the Benghazi investigation would have been a giant waste of all our time and money?
This is an ex-parte! Err, parrot!

A foul-mouthed African grey parrot named Bud might be entered into evidence in a Michigan murder trial, maybe. Probably not, but maybe. Bud may have overheard the murder of his owner, Martin Duram, in...
Glad they have this in a sleeveless undershirt, aka a...

The Supreme Court decided Monday that people convicted of 'reckless' domestic violence can't own firearms. So long, Freedom!

Obama says making friendship bracelets is tougher than registering to vote, PFFFFFFT.

How will Warren ever recover from this????

Poor Paul Ryan. All he wants to do is starve some grannies and force-feed imaginary schoolkids paper-bag lunches and repeal Obamacare one million times and also have people think he is sober and thoughtful...

The anti-choice cat comes out of the bag for this Monday Cringefest.

But surely Trey Gowdy will still find the smoking gun, yeah?
What, us racist?

Bleeding-hearts have been blaming Great Britain's disastrous Brexit referendum on too-obvious factors like racist, xenophobic political parties that backed the Leave side (as if racism is even a real thing any more). Donald Trump has...
Oh, it's this asshole again

Horrible bile monster and Maine Gov. Paul LePage hates poor people, but keeps getting federal funds intended to help them. What to do, what to do...?

Can you believe the mean media made fun of Donald Trump for being on a golf course?

Antonin Scalia did not get to write a dissent, because the devil won't let you do that in hell.