This past May, the Department of Labor announced a new rule, meant to go in effect in December, which would make salaried employees making...

He said the way he saw it, he just got another piece of trash off the street.
Leadership fail

Nikki Haley did a good thing once. Which is better than all the possible cabinet picks who HAVEN'T.

Donald Trump's stuffs his cabinet with spoiled goods, North Carolina is counting its votes AGAIN, and Russia is shoving its missiles wherever it wants. Your daily news brief!
Get ready to be sick of winning

'Cheers,' CBS? Uh ... sure. Yes. Let's go with that.

Her only job experience has been running Sylvan Learning Centers. That is not a joke.

Donald Trump doesn't much care for the cow town of Washington DC. He likes New York City, because it is full of culture and...

Don't worry, Trump has lawyers telling him all the things he's doing are fine. And they've never steered him wrong before!

Trump HATES bad press, Exxon-Mobil HATES the Rockefellers, and Canada HATES farts. Your daily news brief!

This weekend, Maggiano's Little Italy in Washington D.C. found itself the unwitting host to a large group of members of a white nationalist think...

The board includes pre-1986 Mr. Snuffleupagus, Tyler Durden, Tony -- the man who lives inside the mouth of Danny Torrance in The Shining, Drop Dead Fred, Hobbes, and at least two six-foot, three-and-a-half-inch tall invisible rabbits.
It's the bloody tears that really make this one work

Would you like to meet a man who holds one of the highest public offices in our country, and that is "judge"? Yes you...

We need to talk about Kevin populism, and identity politics, and Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. Does that mean you get to go hogwild...

A cartoon! You like cartoons!
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft...

We wish we could say good morrow to you, readers, but it most assuredly isn't. Donald Trump won the election and his Legion of...

We have Ali Davis now. You will like her. Read up, sons!

Trump's empty cabinet, Obama's final farewell tour, and Texas has still has a pee pee problem. Your Morning News Brief!
Huh. Maybe we shoulda gone with a pony?

Hey, no one who claims he gave millions to charity could be racist, even if he was lying about the millions.
Oh dear. Best case scenario, there.

We wouldn't call it escapist, but it's all fiction. For now.
Smiling Trump is the only thing scarier than shouty Trump

Nothing to see here, just the president-elect shaking down foreign diplomats for access. FUN! :D

Everyone having a solid weekend? Hope you're not thinking about pending Cabinet appointments. Is Frank Booth about to be named Oxygen Czar? Hey, at...