Sexxxy Emmanuel Macron Snuggles Donald Trump So Melania And America Don’t Have To

Yay, Donald's dashing boyfriend is in town!
Police beating a person.

Stop Calling The Police Because Black People Annoy You!

It's almost like money won't protect you if you're black.

Hey, Maybe These ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Might Be, You Know, Dangerous?

We don't know whether the Nashville shooter is part of the 'sovereign citizen' movement. If he is, he's got disturbing company.

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Sec State Nominee, Would Like His Jesus-Times Apocalypse NOW

Would it be a problem for a Secretary of State to try to bring on the End Times? Would that be bad?
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is in a heap of shit

Gee, Do You Think Scott Pruitt Might Be In Some Trouble? Who Can Ever Say.

We've reached the singularity of grift!

Betsy DeVos Just Solved Discrimination In Schools! By Axing All Investigations Into Discrimination In Schools

Is there really that much discrimination in education? If you don't look for it, probably none at all.

PRETTY SURE Trump Was In Moscow Long Enough For Dinner And A Pee Show

Is this the stupidest lie Trump has ever told? MAYBE!

Dr. Ronny Jackson’s VA Confirmation ‘Delayed’ Even After He Assures Senate It’s Not Fat

Wait, we thought he was affable. Is he still affable?
How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?

Erick Erickson Ain’t Goin’ To The White House To Eat Some Fancy Unpronounceable ‘LAMB’

Erick Erickson is a very simple man who likes to fuck goats, ALLEGEDLY. No fancy side dishes for him!

Nick Confessore Doesn’t Understand Why Everybody Hates The New York Times. Let’s Help Him Out!

Is our New York Times EVER GOING TO LEARN?

RUN, RONNY, RUN! Wonkagenda For Tues., April 24, 2018

Ronny Jackson has a a problem, Scott Pruitt's days may be numbered, and Hannity blames Obama for his millions. Your morning news brief.
it's a religion too, you know

Happy ‘Confederate Memorial Day,’ To All You White Sheets In The KKK!

A Nice Lady is mad about a thing.


HOT TAKE: Maybe Kellyanne Conway should STFU.

Sean Hannity Is A Real Estate Philanthropist According To Sean Hannity Who Would NEVER LIE

You haters just need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and invest in apartment buildings to help the poor like Sean Hannity.

Cancer Is A Bunch Of Bitches: You Fuckin’ Love Science

No, Big Pharma is not hiding its cancer cures. There ARE exciting new DNA discoveries though!

This One Idiot Pretty Sure James Comey Framed Trump For All His Russian Pee Crimes

Ladies and gentlemen, Mollie Hemingway!

Arizona Teachers Have Crazy Idea Kids Need ‘School Funding,’ Not Just Guns & Jebus

You mean you can't just cut taxes and education forever without consequences?

Maybe Nashville Shooter’s Dad Shouldn’t Have Returned His Guns. It’s A Thought.

It's almost as if there's a problem with too many guns out there. Let's crack down on mentally ill people instead.

And Now For The Michael Cohen/Stormy Daniels/Michael Avenatti Porn Report!

We would watch that, we are just saying.

Corker, Conway And Santorum: The Unholy Trinity Of CNN’s ‘State Of The Union’

What dumb shit were they saying on CNN yesterday? You'll never have to watch for yourself again.

Hannity Builds Million Dollar Housing Empire With Uncle Sam. Wonkagenda For Mon., April 23, 2018

Sean Hannity has some explaining to do, Trump calls Michael Cohen his bestest loyal stooge, and more Scott Pruitt money fuckery. Your morning news brief.
She makes $100 million movies

Remember Those Black Teens Trump Wanted Executed? Netflix Remembers!

Who the fuck could possibly play Trump if he were lucky enough to be somehow included in this production that clearly does not need him one damn bit?