COMEY TO AMERICA! Wonkagenda For Fri., June 9, 2017

The fallout of #ComeyDay, Republicans sneaking TrumpCare, and Kurt Eichenwald's tentacle porn. Your morning news brief.

How Many Russians Does It Take To Rig An Election? Wonkagenda For Tues., June 6, 2017

The NSA loses some Trump-Russia documents, Trump's DC hotels have some problems, and US diplomats have some concerns. Your daily news brief!


If you live in one of those cities, Wonkette COMIN' ATCHA THIS WEEK!

Come Eat Meats With Us TONIGHT, Portland, Oregon, OR BE MURDERED. (Also, Your Open Thread)

Not in Portland? Then hang out here, in your open thread!

Sally Yates Is Back With A Vengeance. Your Wonkagenda For Mon., May 08, 2017

Sally Yates goes (back) to Washington, the EPA hates scientists, and Texas has a border problem. Your morning news brief!

Portland Put On That Party Dress!

We are coming to throw meat at your face! Also it's your open thread!

Your Gentle Monthly Reminder To PONY THE FUCK UP TO YR WONKETTE, SONS

COME AND GET YOUR YELLING-AT! Don't forget your wallet!

Wonkette To Ad Networks: Fuck Off And Die

Scroll down to see new stories. This one's staying put a while!

Five Bucks Says Trump Cancels This Press Conference. Your Wonkette Live-Blog!

Did somebody ask about PEE HOOKERS?

Thank You Dearheart Wonkette Lovers!

Thank you for being with us this year. In return, we give you BABY PICTURES.

Here, Have A Drunk Man In Barstow Hollering About Hillary Clinton!

Be like this guy: loud, drunk and stupid, but also POLITICALLY ENGAGED.

I Feel Much Better Now, Thank You! By Me, Your Editrix

Oh Terrible Ones, how sorry I am to have been overwrought at you yesterday, but everything was awful! I was thousands of dollars short to pay Dok and Evan -- and mama keeps her ducks in a row and...

Hey Seattle, You Wanna Park? (TUESDAY! TONIGHT!)

The answer is NO you do NOT want to park, because we have our baaaaby with us, and you are not :/ . What you want to do is meet us at the park, for noshes and chums, the...