LOLOLOL so fucking dumb. Anyway, come learn some smart stuff about art and the Renaissance and the Church, by me, not by the stupid person.
he's prayed on this

Paul Ryan Gets Cucked By Priest

Dude, you just got your ass kicked by a 67-year-old priest.

LOLOL GIULIANI HAHA WHOOPS. Wonkagenda For Thurs., May 3, 2018.

Giuliani fucks up on Hannity, Rubio breaks his spine (again), and John Kelly wants to GTFO. Your morning news brief.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is in a heap of shit

Scott Pruitt And All Those Bodies!

Most. Corrupt. Politician. In. Modern. Times.

Kiddy-Botherer Roy Moore Sues Whores And Gays For Telling People About It

Roy Moore gonna sue those hussies for keeping him out of the Senate where Jesus wanted him.

Been Nice Knowing You, John Kelly. Wonkagenda For Tues., May 1, 2018

Robert Mueller has just a couple of questions, John Kelly calls Trump A Idiot, and Israel tries to start a war with Iran (again). Your morning news brief.

TFW You’re So Busy Hating On Gays You Forget To Hate Catholics For A Minute

Paul Ryan's got a problem, and Bryan Fischer is here to make it worse!
he's prayed on this

Paul Ryan Manages To Start Holy War In The House. Great Job!

Making Congress Northern Ireland Again? MGNIA? Catchy, huh?

Jim Bakker Thinks Abortion Doctors More Powerful Than GOD

If there's a just and merciful god, why does Jim Bakker still have a TV show, huh?

Hannity Builds Million Dollar Housing Empire With Uncle Sam. Wonkagenda For Mon., April 23, 2018

Sean Hannity has some explaining to do, Trump calls Michael Cohen his bestest loyal stooge, and more Scott Pruitt money fuckery. Your morning news brief.

White Supremacist Terrorists Convicted, So There’s A Nice Time!

Funny, 'bomb plots' are not actually a form of free speech. Who knew?

These White Terrorists Were Just ‘Knuckleheads,’ Nothing To See Here, Go Home

The three stooges were just bumbling patriots trying to save their country with fertilizer bombs.

Trump Cabinet Not Too Busy Destroying Government To Have Bible Study With Idiot

Betsy DeVos and Rick Perry and all the rest of them are in Bible study with this dick.

Let’s Art-Appreciate The Fuck Out Of These Dark-Money Anti-Muslim Ads, By A Doctor Of Rhetoric

Oh, what artistic triumphs Citizens United has wrought.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has No Further Comment On The Easter Story

We shouldn't be so mean. She looks almost lifelike, after all.

A Fucking Bible Lesson About Throwing Stones For Dumbass Trumper Rent-A-Pastor Greg Locke