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Gonna fuck you up!

Sorry, Trump! Even If You Fire Robert Mueller, He Is Still BOSS OF YOUR ASS

Robert Mueller is planting landmines for Trump ERRWHERE.

Ben Carson Saves HUD Housing From Icky Poor People

Too bad the poorhouse is going condo.

Jim Bakker Thinks Abortion Doctors More Powerful Than GOD

If there's a just and merciful god, why does Jim Bakker still have a TV show, huh?

Trump Supports V.A. Pick Dr. Ronny Jackson, While Driving Bus Over Ronny-Jackson-Shaped Bump

Donald Trump sure knows how to pick 'em!

9 Thoughts About Chris Cillizza’s 9 Thoughts About That Epic Pic Of The Trumps And Macrons


Trump And Macron: L’AMOUR! Wonkagenda For Wed., April 25, 2018

Trump and Macron are being really weird, Michael Cohen is SO lonely, and Dr. Ronny Jackson is in DEEP SHIT. Your morning news brief.
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Arizona Didn’t Send 140,000 Voter IDs Before Today’s Special Election. GO VOTE ANYWAY.

The guy who ran as a reformer really screwed the pooch. Honestly, for what it's worth.

Sexxxy Emmanuel Macron Snuggles Donald Trump So Melania And America Don’t Have To

Yay, Donald's dashing boyfriend is in town!

Hey, Maybe These ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Might Be, You Know, Dangerous?

We don't know whether the Nashville shooter is part of the 'sovereign citizen' movement. If he is, he's got disturbing company.

Betsy DeVos Just Solved Discrimination In Schools! By Axing All Investigations Into Discrimination In Schools

Is there really that much discrimination in education? If you don't look for it, probably none at all.

PRETTY SURE Trump Was In Moscow Long Enough For Dinner And A Pee Show

Is this the stupidest lie Trump has ever told? MAYBE!

Dr. Ronny Jackson’s VA Confirmation ‘Delayed’ Even After He Assures Senate It’s Not Fat

Wait, we thought he was affable. Is he still affable?
How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?

Erick Erickson Ain’t Goin’ To The White House To Eat Some Fancy Unpronounceable ‘LAMB’

Erick Erickson is a very simple man who likes to fuck goats, ALLEGEDLY. No fancy side dishes for him!

Nick Confessore Doesn’t Understand Why Everybody Hates The New York Times. Let’s Help Him Out!

Is our New York Times EVER GOING TO LEARN?

This One Idiot Pretty Sure James Comey Framed Trump For All His Russian Pee Crimes

Ladies and gentlemen, Mollie Hemingway!