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You’re Not Gonna Believe This, But Another Lawyer In The White House Would Like To Quit

We are starting to sense a pattern here!

Trump Hires John Bolton As New National Security Adviser, We Are All Going To Die

Would John Bolton really be as bad as all that? Sweet baby Jesus, he's likely to be worse.

Trump Quit-Fires Last Grown-Up In White House. Wonkagenda For Fri., March 23, 2018

HR McMaster is quit-fired for John Bolton, you're about to see Trump's peener, and join us in DC for the March For Our Lives!

Ew Gross, That Lady Made Another Song About Rubbing Nakeds With Donald Trump Jr.

What is it like to be a human who thinks of Donald Trump Jr. as The Man Who Got Away? We cannot imagine.

No Need To Worry About Toxic Sludge After Hurricane Harvey. Nobody’s Testing For It!

Everything's fine, nothing to see, especially if you shut your eyes.

Did Saudi Prince Torture A Guy On Jared Kushner’s Info? This Is Not ‘Good’

Did we not JUST FINISH a story about the weirdo Saudi Arabian/Emirati angle of the Robert Mueller investigation? We did! Here is another one!

Robert Mueller Just Wondering If Trump Taking Bribes From Handful Of Arab Kingdoms, Totally Normal

The Saudi Arabia/United Arab Emirates angle of this scandal gets WEIRDER AND WEIRDER.

Who Made Ben Carson’s Wife Buy That $31,000 Dinette Set? The Deep State, Obviously!

Rep. Claudia Tenney brings all her wisdom to the table.
Jeff Flake, really, The Hill?

Serious Senator Jeff Flake Begs Donald Trump To Please Not Make Congress Impeach Him

Is there nothing that can't be achieved by a good firm beseeching?
Ben Franklin is judging you

Through Snow And Rain And Sleet And Hail: It’s New York And DC Drinky Things!

We thought about canceling on yinz ... wait, that is Pittsburgh. We thought about canceling on tu ustedes, but what is a little nor'easter between friends? We will see you TONIGHT, Brooklyn, New York, at your comrade Erin's restaurant...

Did Jeff Sessions Just Plum Fergit He Was Under Investigation For LIES?

It's not the lies, it's the cover up. AND THE LIES.

Uh Oh, Looks Like There’s A Gay Bunny-Shaped Crack In Mike Pence’s Gay-Hatin’ Armor!


That Time A Dachshund Almost Got Murdered Because Two Morons Couldn’t Stop Fighting About Seth Rich

All dogs go to heaven. Their owners are another matter.