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Orange County Cops Charged After They Eated All The Snacks In Pot Dispensary Raid

You wacky stoners might remember -- were your synapses not fried by the Demon Weed -- those cops in Santa Ana, California, who were caught on video apparently sampling the inventory of a local marijuana dispensary they raided last...

Trump Caught Yanking The Bishop Of Rome. Wonkagenda For Wed., May 24, 2017

Trump manhandles the Pope, Hannity will shut up now, and Rob Quist is scaring the GOP. Your morning news brief!

Alabama Governor Sorry For Boning Chick He Totally Didn’t Bone, Wink Wink

Did Republican Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley make bone-sexes with a young adviser lady what was not his wife? MAYBE! Is he sorry for making the sex-boners, even though he says he did not have a "physical affair" with that...

All-American Teenage Science Nerd Hero Ahmed Mohamed Invited To Run The World

It's been a seriously strange 48 hours for Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old kid from Irving, Texas, who went from potential criminal suspect to instant Geek Hero, thanks to his idiot school's overreaction to a simple electronic clock that scared...
Nothing more patriotic than a flag-waving beaver shot

Homeschool Mom Protests ‘Muslim Indoctrination’ At School Her Kids Don’t Attend

A super-patriotic homeschooling Tennessee mom organized a protest Friday against what she was pretty sure is Islamic indoctrination of children in the public schools, although she pulled her own child out of the public school system last year because...

We Got Canvassed By A Jill Stein Guy! It Was Not Very Fun For Him!

Since we have been homeless for over 12 hours now -- it's a whole thing, don't worry about it, WE'LL BE FINE -- we have been luxuriating in the front yard of our friend Rene. She has a soft...
As snarly as they come

Snarling Congresscreep Darrell Issa Running Behind Democrat In New Poll. Cry, Darrell Issa, Cry!

Could one of Congress's biggest jerks be in danger? Here's hoping so!

Walgreens Pharmacist Too Holy To Do His Job

Oh look, another pharmacist with SINCERELY HELD RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

Trump’s LOW RATINGS Attention Grab. Wonkagenda For Wed., Jan. 25, 2017

Trump threatens Chicago, science geeks protect their pockets, and Republicans plot what to burn next. Your morning news brief!

DCCC Sees No Need To Elect Red State Dems To Congress. We See No Need To Give Money To DCCC.

There's a guy running in a special Congressional election in Montana, Rob Quist. He's a musician, a grassroots guy, works for food banks and arts funding in schools, swell fella, looks hella good for 69. (Nice.) You can and...
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Arizona Wins Trophy For Effed-Up Primaries, Has Plenty Of Competition

Congratulations to Arizona's Maricopa County, which did the very best job so far in the 2016 election cycle of completely screwing up its primary election and screwing over urban voters. Thanks to the Supreme Court's 2013 recognition that racism...

North Carolina GOP Likes To Have Some Privacy When It’s Taking A Sh*t (On Democracy)

Yay! The coup continues! Freedom! Democracy!
Academic Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose. Fine, it's two.

Missouri Lawmaker Don’t Want No Smart Kids Studyin’ Up On Abortion, No Siree

You at least have to give Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Did We Even Need To Say?) credit for thoroughness and creativity in his efforts to clamp down on all those women who insist on having abortions even though...

Rick Perry All In A Tizzy About This One Gay College Boy!

This story involves glow sticks and people who lost the popular vote.

Let’s All Watch Georgia’s Special Election Runoff Until 3 AM Then Plotz!

Let's all watch the returns together. Perhaps they'll be many happy ones. It's also your OPEN THREAD.

Portland Nazi Rally Pretty Peaceful, You Know, For A Nazi Rally

Portland managed not to have a riot, not that plenty of people weren't itching for one.