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He's not a Muslim, so let's not worry too much OK?

Heavily Armed Guy On Way To Los Angeles Pride Parade Merely Violent Gun Nut, Not Scary Terrorist

An Indiana man arrested on his way to LA's Pride parade with a car full of assault rifles and explosives was merely an ordinary gun freak who was violating probation, nothing to worry about there. Besides, a friend said he didn't have any ill will toward gay people. Relax, will you?
Strange, we keep finding reasons to use this

Mississippi: You Call That A Gay-Hatin’ Bill, North Carolina? THIS Is A Gay-Hatin’ Bill!

Doesn't it feel like we're taking a little bus tour of U.S. America these days, to see the new, enchanted ways everybody'sĀ coming up with to screw the gays and the BLTs? Today we are in Mississippi, where Republican Gov....

Donald Trump Suddenly Part Of Arkansas Senate Race, Maybe

Who'd have figured Donald Trump would become a pivotal issue in the Arkansas Senate race?

ALL The Spartacuses ‘Confess’ To Murdering Durham’s Loser Traitor Confederate Statue

There are fine people on both sides of the bars. Your happy nice time OPEN THREAD!

Confederate-Flag-Waving Suspect In Iowa Cop Murders Probably Not A Black Lives Matter Supporter

A certain community espousing anti-authority sentiments may have played a role.

Let’s Laugh At These Sad White Guys Trying To Outlaw Sexxxy Gayness In Maine


Go Home, Uber, Your Self-Driving Cars Are Drunk

On the first day of its self-driving car pilot program, Uber's cars were very naughty robots.
You really don't want to call her "Princess"

Powerpuff Girls Are Back To Tap Dance On MRA Bullies’ Faces! Your Saturday Nerdout

Good gawd, y'all, the Powerpuff Girls are making a return to Cartoon Network, and the first teaser clip has Buttercup beating up a Male Supremacist Pig. We are in love all over again. Also, can Gravitational Waves Improve Your...
And that's how America was made!

Arizona Town Pretty Sure Jesus Never Followed The First Amendment Either

The town of Coolidge, Arizona, proudly voted last week to only allow Christian prayers at the opening of public meetings, even after both the mayor and the city's attorney warned that it means the town will almost certainly lose...
Ah, Sinfest, we love you

Oh Great, Now Even The Southerns Are Gender Fluid

It's theĀ first week of school at many colleges, which means it's time for another round of panic about socialist liberal indoctrination and threats to America and all that stuff. Take, for example, this "What are those crazy eggheads saying...

Fox News Can’t Figure Out Which Lives Matter After Pretty White Lady Shot By Police

Police violence leaks out into White People Land. Time to care!

Let’s All Watch Georgia’s Special Election Runoff Until 3 AM Then Plotz!

Let's all watch the returns together. Perhaps they'll be many happy ones. It's also your OPEN THREAD.
You can see why someone might think that's a beaver

Sundays With The Christianists: A Mutilated Squirrel Teaches Your Kids Why Welfare Is Bad

Good Sunday to you, Sinners! As we promised, or threatened, earlier in the week when we wrote about the Tennessee homeschooling mom who is Very Concerned about all the Islamic Indoctrination that she's sure is happening in the school...
What, you'd rather see a photo of Sharron Angle?

Loopy Sharron Angle Will Take Harry Reid’s Senate Seat With Anime Porn: Your Senate Sunday

Nevada's race for the U.S. Senate looks to be a squeaker between two disciplined mainstream candidates. Fortunately, for comic relief, complete goofball Sharron Angle is also running, for the lulz.
"Screw you, kid"

Indiana Stealing $3.5 Million From Poors, Giving It To ‘Pro-Life’ Church Ladies

Quick question: Does this sound like healthcare to you? Gov. Mike Pence announced a $3.5 million contract Monday with the anti-abortion organization Real Alternatives. The stated purpose of the Pennsylvania-based Real Alternatives is to "actively promote childbirth instead of abortion."...

This Is The Guy Who Wants To Keep North Carolina ‘Straight’

This guy is your new friend. He is North Carolina state Sen. Buck Newton, and he'd like to be the state's new Republican attorney general. He has some thoughts on those transgenders forcin' their way into the state's bathrooms: Tell...