All These Trump Lawyers Suing Stormy Daniels Still Have Nothing To Do With Trump

No, but seriously! WTF is wrong with Donald Trump's lawyers?

Hey, About Those Armed Teachers: They Really Need To Stop Shooting Students.

Don't worry, these incidents don't count since Trump's plan hasn't yet gone into effect. Everyone will be just fine when it does.
The cross flag lapel pin is a nice touch.

Kris Kobach Shits Bed Again On Kansas Vote Trial’s Fourth Day. Really, Just All The Shit

Oh lord this man is an incompetent schmuck.

A Gun In Every Classroom. Wonkagenda For Mon., March 12, 2018

Trump has some thoughts about guns, Chuck Todd is woke, and Betsy DeVos doesn't know shit. Your morning new brief.

Michael Cohen, Lawyer Extraordinaire And A Week Of Stormy Weather

PUNS! That's what you've brought us to, Michael Cohen!

Paul Manafort: So Fucked

This guy is SO SCREWED.

Federal Judge Thinks Kris Kobach Is An Asshole Too

He may be an idiot, but he's an idiot who helps maintain a Republican majority.

Tennessee Must Let Adults Marry Children, Or Else The Gays Have Won

Some Tennessee Republicans are so desperate for any chance to ban same-sex marriage again that they would gladly risk the welfare of children in order to do so.

Now For Sarah Huckabee Sanders With The Porn Report

What are the odds Daniels is the only one who got paid off?

Hey, Can Trump Talk To Mueller’s Witnesses? Is That Kosher Or LOL?

New York Times 'sources' say Don McGahn is a *living saint*.

We’re Not Saying Devin Nunes Leaked To Michael Cohen. But We’re Not Saying He *Didn’t*!

Gonna need one with wings to catch all those leaks!

Jeff Sessions Sues California For Not Helping ICE Round Up Your Mom

It's just like the Civil War, only California killed Lincoln. (Jeff Sessions is bad at history.)

Is Michael Cohen TOO GOOD At Law? Let’s Ask The Porn Star Suing The President.

The answer is no. Michael Cohen is not too good at law.

Devin Nunes, Cow Detective, Knows *Australia* Was The Collusion!

Hold your nose for this one!