Class War

Expert Multi-Tasker Donald Trump Still Finds Time To Sue His Way Out Of Taxes

Nobody has to say 'Don't ever change, Donald.' He's utterly incapable of not being a small-time crook at heart.

Fuck You Paul Ryan, The Pope Hates You And You’re Going To Hell

We bet Donald Trump is gonna miss him real bad, for sure.
Never Trust Nestlè

Dear Nestlé, And Also Michigan, Please Eat A Bag Of Assholes

Nestle sucking up Michigan's water to bottle and sell back to them at just the same time the state ends free water for Flint!

Maybe Donald Trump Shouldn’t Have Handed China His County-By-County Electoral Map

When it comes to Chinese tariffs, Donald Trump is whining like a soy boy.

Hey, Can Trump Un-Sign This Budget Bill He Signed? Asking For Donald Trump

Aw sad, Chuck and Nancy rolled the president. Again.

The Towering Infernal President Didn’t Want Any Stinking Sprinklers In His Beautiful Deadly Building

Not exactly shooting someone, and not in the middle of 5th Avenue, but 'tis enough, 'twill serve.

Oklahoma Senate Might Fund Schools, If Only To Get All These Teachers Out Of Their Hair

Oklahoma legislators should know these teachers deal with surly teenagers, angsty tweens, and hyperactive elementary kids. The politicians are outmatched.

Donald Trump Still VERY Bad At Killing Obamacare

It may not be paradise, but that's no reason to pave it over.

Martin Luther King Would (DID!) Have A Few Things To Say About American Policing Today

Are things getting better, or are they getting worse? Yes.

Donald Trump’s China Tariffs Gonna Screw Over Iowa. Is Iowa Important For Politics?

International trade actually turns out to be pretty darn complicated. Just ask Milo Minderbinder.
A leader of little green plastic men

Trump Wants To Grab Mexico By The Posse Comitatus

More red meat for the Basest of the Base.
She seems nice

Orange County, California, Almost Helped The Homeless. Whew, That Was Close!

'Where the rich get richer, and the poor, you don't ever have to see' -- Randy Newman

Oklahoma Teachers Wa-Wa-Wa-WALKOUT (And Wonkette Is There!)

Get your hot Oklahoma teacher walkout pix here!

The Teachers Book-Learned A Lesson From West Virginia: They’re ALLLL On Strike!

You can't scare teachers -- they're sticking with the union.

Donald Trump: What Is ‘College’?

Thoughts on higher education from a man who's incapable of learning.


This is fantastic news! Of course, in Norway for instance, schools have enough money...