2016 Presidential Election

White Supremacist Terrorists Convicted, So There’s A Nice Time!

Funny, 'bomb plots' are not actually a form of free speech. Who knew?

A Unified Theory Of WHAT THE FUCK Michael Cohen And Sean Hannity! It Might Even Be Right!

No, but seriously! What the hell happened yesterday?
underpants gnomes from South Park

Running For, Being ‘President’ A Pretty Good Racket For Donald Trump

Nice work if you can get it. Or call it 'work.' Which you can't.

Michael Cohen Real Fucked

He is so, so fucked.

James Comey Says Trump Is Stinky Pee-Obsessed Liar, So That’s Obviously FACTCHECK TRUE

We didn't think we were going to read this book, but now we think WE WILL!
he was just trying to help Mis-turrr Twump!

What The Hell Did The Feds Want From Michael Cohen? We Are Getting A Glimmer Of An Idea!

MASSIVE CAMPAIGN FINANCE FRAUD. That is what this is all about. WE THINK.

Oh, Shit! He’s Really Going To Do It! Everybody PANIC!

They say marching is the new brunch!

A Very Sober And Serious Lawsplainer Of Michael Cohen’s WORLD OF SHIT

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!