Yr Wonkette is pleased to bring you a special guest bloogpost by longtime commenter ElviouslyQueer. And congratulations, EQ! What has your intrepid correspondent, the beloved Elviouslyqueer, been up to this weekend? GLAD YOU ASKED! I was in Minnesota, at the Mall of America, getting my very gay ass™ very officially gay married on Saturday (there […]

This week’s episode of “Sister Wives” was more a mash up than an episode. It felt like the editors didn’t have enough on one topic, so cobbled a bunch of things together to generate 45 minutes of outcasted Mormon fun. The non-sequiters were bumpin’ and I kept waiting for strobe lights to appear and Vanilla […]

A guest post from your comrade “Lou Cabron.” And speaking of sluts, three weeks ago pastor Steven Anderson strolled into his Arizona church with proof that “the birth control movement” was promoting whoredom. So the pastor waves around his flimsy print-out, sternly warning the congregation that Annette Funicello is a whore whoring it up with […]

Piers Morgan should not be making headlines. It simply isn’t news to discover that his catastrophically low-rated show is being canceled. But that’s not to say the story shouldn’t have been covered. It should have been covered every day. Every day Piers Morgan was allowed to have a one-hour show on CNN was a miracle, […]

Have you heard about Yùtù? No, we do not mean the rock band. Yùtù is Mandarin for “Jade Rabbit,” and is the name of the lunar rover in China’s Chang’e 3 mission. Jade Rabbit has been rolling around for a few months now, being adorable. Do you object to our description of a 310-pound go-kart […]

This morning the Congressional Budget Office released a new report [pdf] on the nation’s fiscal outlook for the next ten years. About thirty seconds later partisans on both sides of the ideological divide started spinning that the report was either good news for America or yet more evidence that Obama is some unholy combination of […]

Here, back on the Front Page for the first time since 2009, is Juli Weiner’s famous embloggening of Mamie Eisenhower’s Jello Fanstasia in the Key of E: Here is your bit of “DC gossip” for the day: a Jell-O dessert recipe, for the holiday of Thanksgiving! It is Mamie Eisenhower’s famed Red Scare Thanksgiving Jell-o […]

by Dan Weber I don’t care whether his family’s feelings are hurt or not. If they are, they can take comfort from the extraordinary piety, stupidity, and, generally speaking, the uniformity of coverage of the man’s death.  -Christopher Hitchens, on the legacy of Jerry Falwell, as quoted by Chris Faraone, author of I Killed Breitbart. […]

By Kaleb Horton Rob Ford is dead. His story is finished: he has reached the peak scandal level afforded by his office. Rob Ford drinks vodka in the woods and smokes crack on camera and darkness has descended on Toronto. There is nowhere to go and there are no jokes left to make. It’s done. […]

Soon we will be rationing wine like common paupers, Margo. The thought of it! Morgan Stanley Research took a major dump on everyone’s Halloween by releasing a report outlining a global undersupply in cases of wine, about 300 million. This is the lowest in nearly fifty years, notably around the time the President of the […]

Beth Ethier, our Foggy Bottom Correspondent, brings us this A+++ report. In case you haven’t heard of Generation Opportunity, they are a not-at-all-shady Koch operation and they would like you to know that, if you are young, ObamaCare will take all your money and then put your dirty secrets into a spreadsheet for Harry Reid […]

We thought we had heard all the excuses for why gay people should be denied the right to get married, but this is a new one: An anti-gay politico in Mexico, Ana María Jiménez Ortiz, has determined that gay people should not get marriage because gay people do not face one another during sex: “Marriage […]

Click to embiggen. News came today that a terror plot in Yemen — or another terror plot, nobody knows, whatever — may have been foiled when Edward Snowden and Vladimir Putin exposed an Al Qaeda conference call among “dozens” of leaders, we are pretty sure that is how it went down. Here, from your friends […]

A guest post from your comrade Darren Sherkat, a real live sociologist who accidentally thoroughly discredited the bullshit Regnerus “homos kill their babies” study. Hey Wonketteers, remember in “college” when you took that course in “sociology”? You know, the one taught by an androgynous hippy, and where you learned about inequality and racism and sexism, […]

Greetings Wonkette, and welcome to what has become our semi-regular Bataan Death March through Peggy Noonan’s latest column. In the past week Nooners has gotten her teeth into the IRS story like an aristocratic pit bull with lockjaw chomping down on a bone and oh Lord one can almost hear the saliva dripping off her […]