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What Is Wonkette?


If you look over to your right there, you will see the official description of Wonkette (the one our boss wrote): “Wonkette is an online roundup of gossip from Washington, DC and the US political arena.”

Holly, Once-Over Lightly


Spent from our last close Note encounter, we are calling it a guest-blogging career. We’ve much enjoyed our tour of duty as surrogate content providers for Wonkette World Enterprises, and we’ve been delighted to serve as Powertown docents through MOAR WORDS!

Decoding the Note: We Can Stop Anytime We Want Edition


We tried, honestly, on what promises to be our swan song in Wonkette guest-blogging, to lay off the devoted practitioners of the Halperinite Tendency over at ABC. Be gracious in retiring, we told ourselves; spare a kind word, or at least a circumspect silence for the language-mangling media ...

What, You Wouldn’t Leave Money to Someone Who Screwed You?


Margaret Elizabeth Taylor, a 98-year old widow from Findlay, Ohio, who died last November, instructed the executor of her $1.5 million estate to fork the whole works over to the federal government, with the explicit instruction that it be dedicated to reducing to the national debt. Never ...

Falls Church: Putting the ‘Prick’ in ‘Bishopric’


The vigilant members of Virginia’s largest Episcopal parish have drafted a letter to the upper reaches of the church’s hierarchy to compel their straying pastor, the Right Rev. Peter H. Lee, to “repent and return to the truth.” The Right (or evidently, not-so-Right) ...


Because, You See, Raw Sewage Is Normally What We Pump Into Congress


For more than a year, Halliburton contractors at the US military base in Camp Junction City, near the Iraqi city of Ramadi, permitted troops and civilians to use contaminated water, the AP reports. The company’s own water-treatment expert at the camp, Ben Carter, wrote in an incident ...


Remainders: War on Christmas to Jump Shark Soon


Embedded journalists on the War on Christmas. [Mr. Sun]
The NYT confuses the black people, even though one of them is NOT wearing a bow tie. [MOAR WORDS!