It’s been all of three days since we checked in with horrible shell of a human being Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and her merry band of state GOPers. A week before that, we saw them kicking the poor in the teeth again and again by banning minimum wages and sick days. You knew that would […]

You will probably not be surprised to learn that here at yr Wonkette we think that porn is a totally respectable way to earn a living, presuming, of course, that consent and equal power and equity and yadda yadda exist. Point is, we don’t discriminate about how you pay the bills. Chase Bank, on the […]

So you got your girlfriend to let you take nekkid pictures of her, of course. So far so normal. But if you are Douglas Tarlow, whose nekkid pix were of Nina Khosla, daughter of Vinod Khosla, batrillionaire founder of Sun Microsystems, you apparently stash those pix away for later sextortion attempts. Big mistake. Big. Huge. […]

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Rossiters, who are your new people to hate the mostest today. You know how everyone is going around refusing to vaccinate their kids because they’re pretty sure they know more than doctors? Those people are wimps. The real deal is just stone cold refusing to give your kids medical care […]

Oh god remember last week on Duggar Family Funtime aka 19 Kids and Counting we had to go watch a quiverfull wedding? This week we have to go to a quiverfull graduation. Truly we have done terrible things in our lives, but nothing that warrants this. Josiah is graduating! We have no idea which one […]

There are literally tens of reasons for you to clicky clicky these Happy Nice Time links this afternoon, all of which have to do with making sure people give us monies, so get going, please. Why not start with Tim Tebow looking as swollen and masculine and ridiculous as can be, for Jesus? We’ve got […]

We breathed a sigh of relief when Jon Stewart returned from vacation to finally finally finally give the Bundy Ranch nonsense the tongue-lashing it deserved, and we’re equally grateful that Stephen Colbert has finally returned to deal with the confoundingly stupid idea that Hillary planned both Chelsea’s pregnancy and ShoeGate to somehow coincide with her […]

You know what’s cool? Mob rule. Mob rule is the new hottness. Fuck state legislatures. Fuck the courts. Screw representative democracy. Just put your votes to the people, and if the people happen to decide that they do not really dig on the gays having rights or the blahs getting ahead in life, that’s totally […]

How’d you guys spend Easter? Dinner with the family? Avoiding dinner with the family? Being a heathen or a Jew? No matter, because now you’re sad that you did not celebrate Easter chopping wood, like Jesus did (carpenters chopped their own wood, right?), with a beswollen Tim Tebow and a bearded dude from Duck Dynasty. […]

Once again, we binge-watched teevee all weekend to bring you Monday’s Happy links. How many recaps do we have for you today? All of them, pretty much. Family-friendly fuzzy dramedy “Parenthood” wrapped up its season last week so now you will have no more Parenthood recaps from us and you will be sad. At the […]

So what should you do if your town has a homelessness problem? Should you (a) increase city spending on things like affordable housing; (b) form some public-private partnerships to increase job possibilities; or (c) pass a law barring the homeless from leaving their filthy homeless possessions around anywhere? Oh fuck yes of course it is […]

We do not think we’ve yet had occasion to talk about Larry Klayman in the year of our lord, 2014, which is weird because Klayman is always doing something stupid that is worth noticing. Perhaps he has been keeping a lower profile since his surprise court victory late last year where he overthrew the NSA […]

New York Times columnist David Brooks, whose only real expertise is chronicling the lives of the slightly disaffected but mostly pretty happy upper middle class exurban dweller, decided to go on “Meet the Press” Sunday to explain how Obama just isn’t man enough to handle the Middle East. Let’s go to the tape to hear […]

It’s weird to remember that prior to becoming a detached squinty enigma, Bob Dylan spearheaded a passionate campaign to free boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who was wrongly convicted of murder and served 19 years for a crime he didn’t commit. After a battle with prostate cancer, Carter died yesterday at age 76. Carter, who was […]