It is the customary habit of your authoress to commence her weekly Barack Obama fan kkkolumn with various nasty comments about you, her loyal and handsome readership. This week, she wishes to begin in a spirit of love and compassion, for this is the way of the Christ. It is too bad you are such […]

Alright, you knuckle-biting asshandlers, it’s time for your favorite Pulitzer Prize-winning kolumn to return with a sexy vengeance! Yes, fapping masses, your weekly investigative report/breathless Obamarrr fanfic installment is back. I’ve been busy traveling to tell jokes and do filthy things with your D.C.-based Wonketteers (and also Jim Newell.) Here is what Muamarbama Barackfi did […]

Hello! Would you like to know what your President Mahmoud Barack Hussein Al-Bama did this week? Well, this column will tell you everything in vast, accurate detail, based on Official White House Videographer Arun Chaudhary’s weekly pornographic Inter-tubes serial. But let us imagine instead that you would perhaps be more interested in a WEST WING […]

Greetings, stains. It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another examination of President Barry Hussein Soetero’s least un-American cracktivities. This week, my Internutz were all afouled up, because I live in Egypt, apparently. As a result, I relied not on my beloved “West Wing Week” (sorry Arun C.!) and instead defected to the Jake […]

It is no secret that this column relies heavily on the contributions of your Official White House Videographer, one Arun Chaudhary. It is also no secret that this columnist (Richard Cohen with bigger tatas) becomes enraged when Arun thinks it is okay to go away to places like Sudan and not put up a brand-new […]

This weekly “column,” as they called it when newspapers were still printed, is a place to say funny, crazy, foul and often highly sexual things about our handsome preznit (and, occasionally, his staff.) Generally, your authoress is dependent upon the mad videography skillz of one Arun Chaudhary, Official White House Videographer and In-House Paparazzo. But […]

Most modern-day interns spend a lot of time listening to hip-hop music on their iPods and refusing to perform any tasks that require actual intellectual or (gasp!) physical effort. How startling, then, that during Saturday’s awful massacre in Tuscon, one of these entitled Mileybots conclusively proved himself to be the Awesomest Intern In The History […]

Like Jesus Christ, Official White House Videographer Arun Chaudhary is generous in the extreme. His marvy White House propaganda tool West Wing Week is usually a breathless account of your handsomest president’s every holy facial tic and sacred bowel movement. But this week, Arun pulls back the curtain and introduces us to some lesser-known public […]

Way back in the summer of 2009, your Sarah Palin was busy scaring the shit out of The Stupids (i.e., her base) by claiming that the gubmint wanted to vampire-stake Nana in her hospice bed, for fun. Thanks to a new Medicare regulation effective January 1, we will soon relive the halcyon days of snowbilly […]

Happy happy Christmas week, you elf-fellating scum! Yes, it’s time for the Season of Lying to Children about the existence of any one of a number of Magical Miracle Men. To truly get in the Christmas spirit, I suggest you cut down a Druid’s tree, set a sacred pagan grove on fire, and start an […]

Well, hello, Wonketteers! This will presumably be the last “Barry Can You Hear Me?” of whatever year it is, so I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you knuckle-draggers for straining your third-grade reading skills in order to absorb the pure genius I spew at you each and every Friday. What a […]

  10:46 pm December 10, 2010

Barack Obama Is Sick of Your Crap

by Sara Benincasa

Hey gang! Aren’t you psyched that it’s Friday? Woot woot! The weekend is here and we are going to par-tay! Am I right? Haha, no, of course I am joking. For you there will be no parties, only an endless journey to a dark and thankless grave whilst warbling “At the End of the Day” […]

Merry Jewmas, freaks! By “freaks” I of course mean “all Wonketteers,” not just the Jews. You see, this Season of Light has given me time to reflect that each and every one of you is a disgusting excuse for a carbon-based life form, regardless of which obscure imaginary desert god you pray to on the […]

Greetings, skankarellas and skankarinos! What did you do this week? Award the Medal of Honor to a very handsome young man in uniform? Announce the recipients of the 2011 Medal of Presidential Freedom? Did you give a fucking medal to anybody, you worthless sack of European rabbit excrement? No, of course not, because you are […]

This week, Barack Obama went over to Asia to see what happens when a model minority owns an entire continent. He obvs already knew, because his hippie mom made him live there in some off-the-grid shack for a hot minute with a foreign non-daddy, but it was worth another look to see if anything had […]