BREAKING: Neil Gaiman has jumped on board to help us fight injustice at Happy Nice Time People! He retweeted a story we posted about a thing yr Editrix found: a man was fired for dancing at work! He was a happy park ranger, and now he is no kind of park ranger at all. Anyway, we […]

It’s Joss Whedon’s birthday, Dov Charney is still gross, Robin Thicke is also gross, and soccer happened! Here are the fun, the fabulous, the freakish and the fubblitbubblitdumbblitiest (we made that up, could you tell?) things we brought ya this afternoon over on your Happy Nice Time People. We invented four new kickass superheroines for […]

An American student got trapped inside a giant German vagina (sculpture). Sam Smith sang the world’s best cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know.” We explained why tennis kicks ass. In other Things That Are Stuck news, we examined the case of the owl and the Swiffer.  We brought you some heiress sideboob. John […]

Hope you had a great work week and are heading to Happytown for the weekend! Hooray! Enjoy our tales of OJ Simpson, DJ Tanner, Carmen Electra, some motorcycle dude, Stephen Colbert, Ron Paul, and more! It’s a big ol’ party in today’s Happy Links. The OJ Simpson copter chase pilots love each other now, and […]

Clocking in at around 645,000 words, Atlas Shrugged is Ayn Rand’s magnum derpus. So it makes sense that the film version has been stretched out into three full-length movies, because how else are you going to cram all that Objectivist TRUTH into the hollow skulls of the American sheeple? The first movie actually starred Taylor […]

Oh happy day! What a wondrous strange world it is over at Happy Nice Time People, Wonkette’s sweet sister site devoted to things entertainment-y and pop culture-ish! Why don’t you follow us on Twitter RIGHT THIS MOMENT?! Okay, now on for some Happy Links! A famous metalcore dude totally lied about being Christian, and also […]

A Christian “news” site reported this week that an actual publication (Alternative Press) reported last month that the lead singer of a shitty metalcore band not only tried to have his wife killed last year, but also lied about being Christian. Oh, Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying, how could you? (We mean about […]

Hey guys, a straight cis dude fucked a trans woman even though he knew she was trans. Isn’t that amazing? Should he not be awarded the Nobel Prize for Enlightened Cock for putting his dick inside a woman who used to have a dick? After all, “she said she had all of her lady parts” […]

Well, and what happened at your Happy Nice Time People today? So much! So very, very, very much. And, naturally, it included “Orange Is The New Black” and also Satan. (When does it NOT, am I RIGHT, you guys?) Read on for some Happy lovin’. Some idiot says Laverne Cox is part of Satan’s plan […]

Some people on your Internets are Very Upset over the news today that the U.S. Patent Office canceled the Washington Redskins trademark. Why oh why would the U.S. Patent Office do such a thing? Because “redskins” is a derogatory term for Native Americans, who happen to be actual human people and not just Disney characters, […]

There was so much crying in this episode I felt in comparison that I was born without ovaries or tear ducts. Am I Dexter? The emotions were so high between Meri and Robyn you could luxuriate in a long hot bath using the stuff that was flying out of their eyes. Why the cry babes, you […]

Whew! What a day it’s been! We’ve got singing mayors, sorry restaurants, and sexy boobs! Get into the magic, the beauty, the mayhem and the luscious madness of today’s Happy Nice Time People goodness. It’s piping hot, and at the end you get boobs! KFC said it was sorry to a little girl with facial […]

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti bet New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio that the L.A. Kings would win the 2014 Stanley Cup Final. And he was right! So Mayor Bill had to go on national teevee with America’s Prankster Husband, Jimmy Kimmel, and sing Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” in front of everybody. This […]

You know what sucks? People. All people. Everywhere. (Well, except you beautiful people reading this here blog.) But there is a special place in imaginary hell for the patrons of KFC in Jackson, Mississippi. A three-year-old girl got attacked in the face by a pit bull and had facial injuries. Then, on the way back […]

Ain’t no party like a Happy Nice Time People party ’cause a Happy Nice Time People party don’t stop! It’s true, we are always on the Internet. Anyway, today we’ve got Stephen Hawking AND Miley Cyrus AND John Oliver AND Eric Cantor AND so very much more. It’s your evening Happy Links! We shared some […]